Choosing 1156 motherboard for overclocking

Hi folks.

According to this article, I'm planning to overclock an i3-550 so I'm looking for a reliable mid-budget motherboard.

I've got not special requirements (and I don't mind loosing CPU integrated graphics). I've read several articles here at tomshardware, but they're using Gigabyte's P55A UD7 or Asus' Sabertooth 55i and I can't find them (and they're a bit expensive) in my country.

Some people is using Gigabyte P55-DS3R and H55-UD3H and it seems they work ok, but i'd like to know your opinion. I'd appreciate any advice in choosing the mobo.

Thank you very much.
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  1. If you're on a budget and don't require a xfire/sli board the H55 line from Gigabyte overclocks very well.
    I have an i3 530 paired with the GA-H55M-UD2H and it overclocks like a mofo.
    So i think H55-UD3H would provide similiar performance.
  2. Thank you indeed for your reply, Davcon.

    I think that will be my choice as I've seen no better option in that price range. I like the MSI P55-GD80 but, again, the price is a bit too much for what I look for (199 €, just like the Sabertooth 55i).

    Now time to look for a pair of RAM modules to mount on it :)

    Thanks again!
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