Areca Raid 6 Help!!

I have had a raid6 config for sometime with no problems. However, I went to use the datastore that evening when it said that I had to format the disk to use it (in windows).

I therefore decided not to and booted into ubuntu from which I could access my data as normal. I then proceeded to re-install windows. To do this I had to unplug the raid drives. I have then re-installed the drivers for the raid controller and not it says I have an access denied error.

According to the raid card bios there are not problems with the raid set...

Anyone with any help or ideas pointing me in the right direction to solving this would be an absolute hero!

Many thanks,

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  1. ElenaP is correct. Your new Windows installation does not consider you to be the legitimate "owner" of your RAID array. You should have no trouble finding information about how to change the permissions.

    The New Number Two
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