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I have a pc with an AMD 64 3500+ cpu and a OEM cooler. I am in the process of upgrading the unit and the biggest CPU that the mb will support is a AMD 64 x2 4800. My question is ... will the existing stock cooler be enough for the 4800 or would it be best to upgrade that as well?
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  1. The X2 4800+ socket 939 came with a better cooler (heat pipes) than your current single core so I suggest getting a better cooler.
  2. the X2 4800+ can't be a socket 939, the 4600+ is AM2.

    either way it'll come with another cooler which should suffice, so long as you don't plan on overclocking it.
  3. Theres actually three 4800+, one is the Windsor and the other is Toledo and the other is a Brisbane. The Toledo and Windsor is a 90nm CPU while the Brisbane is the 65nm CPU.

    Brisbane and Windsor is AM2 while the Toledo is Socket 939
  4. The fan may be old and partially worn on the old cooler. I would upgrade or use the new stock cooler:

    Top 5 heatsinks:


    Top 5 Low Profile Heatsinks on Frostytech

  5. + 1, ^. Also don't forget the thermal paste.
  6. The unit in question started life as a Presario srs5100nx before I did some upgrades to it.

    I'm fairly certain is is AM2 socket. The 4800 CPU I spotted online is AM2 socket and is only $50 but it is OEM (so no heat sink) which is why I was wondering if I could get by with the existing heat sink. But I guess I won't be able to get away with cheaping out on this one. Either will have to purchase one of those units (thanks for the link evongugg), or break down and just buy the CPU as retail in order to get the included heat sink. Either way it will end up being about $100 for the set.
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