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Would I be able to buy an Nvidia GPU and use it as a PhysX processor with an ATI card as the main GPU?
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  1. yes you will be....go with something like 9600GT....
  2. Sorry to bother you, but can you explain how to?
  3. How would an 8600 GTS be fine as a PhysX processor.
  4. Really insteresting topic please change tittle to something more catchy like "PhyX & Ati Question."

    I also want to know if im going to crossfire 4890 or 4870 and i want to have a phyx accelerator for "nVidia Freindly games"(that use phyx).... i have been reading fo like 2 hours and just saw this

    gkay09 said:
    Hmm...for a single card solution, both the 4890 and GTX 275 are very good options...
    Would depend more on the game he wants to play...

    I am inclined to suggest the GTX 275. Reasons :

    1. nvidia are pulling in many game developers to use their PhysX and other technologies...They might even succeed in doing that...So in future we may see many titles supporting those technologies...
    2. nvidia have better driver support than the ATI...
    3. Both cost the same...So here we dont have nvidia premium factor...

    Lets hope some one can awnser if Possible
  5. I wonder if it would work in Windows 7.
  6. chrisrobhay2 said:
    I wonder if it would work in Windows 7.

    It should. M$ is allowing multiple display drivers again, so theres no reason why it shouldn't work under 7.
  7. If Windows 7 does not allow for it, I may have to go the path of the i7 and Nvidia.
  8. Does anyone know how an 8600 GTS would perform as a PhysX processor?
  9. do you mean instructions on how to do it or how good the performance would be?
  10. How good the performance would be.
  11. with a quick google search i found this forum page where someone asked the same question. u might want to skim through it for useful info. http://www.overclock.net/nvidia/381469-8600gts-physx-card.html

    seeing that no one yelled "Why would you do that!" it should be fine. whats ur main card? if its really good you might be just better off dumping everything onto that
  12. Hi ppl,

    I have an 8400GS on a original Intel945GC motherboard and Core2Duo E4300 :o @1.8 GHz. I want to know if the Physx would run better on the processor or on my GPU as I'm planning to upgrade to HD 4770(I don't know if the mobo has 2 PCI-E slots, mostly not, I'm away from home now and would be returning by about this month end). If the mobo has 2 PCI-E slots, I would like to know if there's any chance I can use my 8400GS as a dedicated Physx card to get better performance or would the processor do a better job of handling physics of the game? And if the mobo doesn't have 2 PCI-E slots, what is the mobo I can go for that has 2 PCI-E slots at the lowest price?

    Also I would like to get some views on how I can upgrade my PC with a very little budget of about INR 20K(Indian Rupees). My PSU has a 12 volt rating of 15-18 amps( :heink: I know I have to get a better one) and I'm looking at Tagan TG500-U37, CoolerMaster RS500-PCARA3-EU, Corsair 400W Power Supply (CX400W). The prices of all the peripherals are from the website


    I would like to get your views wrt the prices given in the website.
  13. chrisrobhay2 said:
    Does anyone know how an 8600 GTS would perform as a PhysX processor?

    You'd probably want a 8800GT or better. From what I've seen, using the (far slower) 8600 series was sometimes lower then doing PHysX on the primary GPU (Example: A 9800GTX was faster by itself opposed to using the slower 8600GT as a PhysX processor).
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