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CPU / GPU Temps - should I be worried?

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July 26, 2009 5:43:13 PM

Recently I've begun to have some issues with my monitor suddenly losing video signal while playing a game. My assumption was this was due to my GFX card overheating and dieing but I was confused because i've run much more graphic intensive games without any problems in the past. I'm hoping that by posting the details below, the community can help me identify if this is:

1. The GFX card is dieing and needs to be replaced.
2. The CPU is dieing and needs to be replaced.
3. The current summer weather is simply to blame.
4. Something else ...

I have a C2D E7200 running at stock 2.53ghz and an ATI Radeon 4800 / 1GB running at stock GPU/MEM speeds of 625/993 respectively. At IDLE (as I type this message), Speedfan reports my CPU @ 39C and Core 0/1 at 46/45 respectively. Catalyst reports my GPU @ 49. Last night, when it was much warmer (about 86 and very humid), the idle CPU numbers were 45, 50, 50 and the GPU was 60. I don't have air conditioning so my ambient is similar humidity to outdoors and depending on the time of day, sometimes actually hotter.

I'm currently playing in the Dungeons and Dragons Online beta, which is a 2+ year old game with similarly aged graphics. With all graphic settings on medium, while idle in a city, my CPU numbers were 50 / 59 / 59 and my GPU was 70.

Thoughts? Is there other information I should provide to help diagnose? How big of a factor is humidity?

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a c 105 à CPUs
July 26, 2009 5:49:04 PM

could be your power supply, your temps are all within normal temp range

check all your cables, makes sure they are all seated properly. Both power cables and DVI connection cables.