Is Kingston HyperX any good?

I went to Fry's to pick up my Corsair Dominator ram which was on sale for $139.99. The sale guy talked me into buying the Kingston HyperX instead which was $149.99. He said it has lower cas lantency. I kinda feel regret I didn't get the Corsair.
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  1. Far as I can see, the Corsair Dom and Kingston HyperX have the same latency. Might be some older CL=9 stuff out there, but it's not showing at NewEgg:

    I show both with identical ratings of 8-8-8-24 and 1.65V

    The Corsair Dominator is certainly "more expensive" RAM than the Kingston but doesn't mean better quality.

    Corsair also has an even better version of that series in terms of low CL

    However, if you look at the Fry's site....
    Looks like they do have Corsair on special, but it's not the Dominator but the XMS model. This is $139.99 and has a $15 rebate -- and it's got a worse/higher CL

    They also have the Dominator - but there's not enough info to tell what it is - $198.99

    And here's what you got:


    So, might be possible that the Corsair you were looking at for $139 was not Dominator. In which case, the salesman did you a favor. However, if there was an ad misprint and they were really selling their Dominator for $139 w/CL=7, then you should have gotten it.
  2. Thanks for the info...the newspaper ad said Dominator Heat Spreader & even have the picture. Maybe that is the reason why he tried to talk me out of it.

    here is the link to the ad.

    also, check out the HAF 932...good price.
  3. That ad won't work for me, comes out blank.

    What city?
  4. OK, I found this:

    and that matches this item online

    Which for some reason doesn't have the specs on it!
  5. Anyway, I'd go back and look at the modules.

    If they're this one:
    Jump on it cause it's CL=7

    If it's this one:
    It's up to you, has the same specs as the Kingston - but it's "more expensive" RAM.
  6. went back to Fry's and traded in for the Corsair. It's the same specs as the Kingston...but it's $10 cheaper & better brand.
  7. I think you made a great trade! And I think Fry's didn't mean to put the Dominator at that sale price, so employees were encouraged to point folks at the cheaper RAM.

    Goes to show you it's good to be prepared. Guess you didn't run into the same salesman and ask him why when two products have identical specs, he would say one is faster?

    Remember to set your motherboard's DRAM voltage to 1.65 after installing it, then reboot and see what it displays on POST. Might have to manually set the speed, depends on how it sees the RAM. Use CPUz at to compare the SPD data to how the memory is set. And you can experiment with the XMP settings!

    Got some of the coolest heat spreaders out there too

    Enjoy and glad to help.
  8. Thanks for your help Mongox.

    Btw, I'm building a new I need to manually set the RAM first before installing the OS?
  9. Well, you should likely set the normal stuff. The voltage and the speed. Don't mess with any type of overclocking - no timing changes, etc... The stuff that comes off of Auto / SPD should be fine. And make sure the right amount is showing.

    If your board supports XMP I wouldn't touch it before installing your OS.

    And, first time you enter the BIOS, set it to Optimized Defaults or similar. Then review items you want to set, like the Date and Time! lol... and the RAM.
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