Problem installing Win7 on new SDD, Urgent help

So I am installing a SSD for the first time and trying to install a fresh copy of Win7, however when I have to choose which HD to install win7 in, I choose the SSD but it tells me,
unable to locate system partition or create a system partion
so it wont let me go thru to the next step
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  1. (1) Remove all other HDDs, should only have SSD installed
    (2) make sure BIOS SATA Controller is set to AHCI
    (3) Select custom installaction, remove any/all partitions if they are on ssd. Then select SSD to install, should create two partition, a small 100 MB one and then one for the remainer of the SSD.

    Could not see your Hardware: if intel chipset and your SSD uses the SF1200 controller, you should down load the latest (ver 9.6) F6 driver and RST drivers. Put the F6 drivers on a thumb drive. On page with where to install operation system (under custom install) you need to select "Have additional drivers". Little check box.

    If AMD, or not a SSD w/SF1200 controller - disreguard and use default msahci driver
  2. thanks, finally figured it out, under hard drives in bios, the SSD was the 2nd option, it had USB HD as first, changed it and worked
  3. also another thing on desktop the SSD is insane fast I get 7.7 on windows index

    but before with my WD Caviar Black 640gb my boottime was 48 seconds, now its only down to 38 seconds
  4. 38 Sec, is that after the computer comploets the post, or total time from when you hit the power button??
  5. RetiredChief said:
    38 Sec, is that after the computer comploets the post, or total time from when you hit the power button??

    from when I hit the power button.

    I tracked both times from when I hit the power button
  6. Reason I asked is the only improvement that an SSD provides is from the time post is complete and windows starts to load to able to open first program. In my case the post takes longer (reason is SSD fails SMART test Problem on some MB and SF1200 controller), but windows load time imrproved. On a clean installation the amount of time saved is X (mine currently about 20 sec), but as programs are loaded the amount of time saved over a HDD is increased.
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