Athlon II x2 250 OC help

Hello guys today I replaced my old CPU with Athlon II x2 250 on ASUS M2N-E mobo and I've got OC problem, pls help me.

BIOS saves my CPU related settings as FSB or voltage, but then in windows those CPU settings are on default values. When I reboot and go to BIOS, settings are just as I left them and again in windows clock and FSB are default.

When I raise FSB slightly, even to only 205 MHz, save it and reboot, cpu-z shows only 200MHz... I can't set anything CPU related (multiplier, voltage, FSB). Weird thing is when i set HT to 3x cpuz shows it (default is 1000MHz but cpuz shows 600MHz)

I had Athlon 64 X2 3800+ before this CPU on the same mobo, RAM and everything and had stable FSB at 250 MHz

note: I've got newest 5001 BIOS and this CPU is supported. Done memtest on all modules and they seemed to be OK

Thanks a lot

P.S.: I know the basics of OCing, I tried lowering RAM clock, increasing RAM or CPU voltages slightly, everything, but I shoudn't need to change anything else than FSB when I raise it only by 5 MHz right?
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  1. New finding: I can lower multiplier (MB can't raise it above 15) and i can lower the Vcore too and cpu-z shows my value, not default (note: when I raise Vcore, cpu-z shows default value)

    still booting correctly with no errors or POST interrupted
  2. No ideas, anyone?
  3. Sounds like a lot of the cpu's where working properly with older bios versions(including the 250), BUT I would contact asus support FIRST as downflashing is not recommended..

    M2N-E support forum

    Edit: I see from your post down the dial where your system specs are listed ;) that you are running a 5770 and have tried bios 3001. In reference to my suggestion above, I offer this thread and final post that states:
    BIOS 3001 is a beta release. Forum members have reported that BIOS 3001 does not support the ATI HD 5770 graphics card. It's also been reported that BIOS 1703 does support the HD 5770 and some Phenom IIs, but does not recognize the Phenom IIs by model number."

    I would contact asus first.

    Looks like you found the work around (forth post in the support forum ;) ) so your probably all set..

  4. ASUS support game me typical evasive answer:

    "each CPU is made to work at it's nominal frequency and every overclock attempt success is only determined by limitations of the exact one piece of CPU. There are CPUs which are unstable after even a slight clock change. Unfortunately I can't help you with your problem, because it's affected by limitation of your hardware"

    Bunch of CR*P
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