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Ok so basically my set up used to be that I had a laptop that was running two 1600x1200 20" monitors (samsung 204b) making 3 viewable screens. The matrox device allowed me to get 3200x1200 for the two monitors and all was well. Then my one of my 20"s died from samsung and for a replacement they didn't have any more 20" monitors that had 1600x1200 resolution all they had was 22" monitors with 1685x1080 (i think) which now is messing up my whole setup with the matrox device. I was able to plug it in and get it work with the matrox device but it puts a 1600x1200 resolution on the 20" making the screen look really weird... but the other 20" still looks fine. Is there anyway to fix this other than buying another monitor that has 1600x1200 or by just only having one monitor plugged in?
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  1. It depends on what Matrox device you have. The analog version of the Matrox DualHead2Go does not support widescreen resolutions.

    Matrox DualHead2Go

    -Wolf sends
  2. I've got the matrox triplehead2go digital edition
  3. Since the device is trying to treat the two monitors as one, there isn't any possible way to get 1680x1050 out of the 22" one. The 20" only supports 4:3 resolutions, the 22" supports both 16:10 and 4:3 resolutions. The 22" is forced to operate at 4:3, which means 1600x1200. Unless you upgrade the 20" to a widescreen display, you can't do anything about it.
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