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Hey guys,

So i have an old Dell Inspiron 1100 Laptop that i am trying to improve my memory on. I also have an old Toshiba Laptop that is broken, but the hardware is still intact. My understanding is the Inspiron runs on PC-2100 SO DIMM, however, i am curious if i can take the memory out of the Toshiba ( which is PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM SODIMM ) and install it into the dell. Are the two types of RAM compatible? Can you install PC2-4200 memory on a system that runs on PC-2100? If anyone can PLEASE answer my question it would be more than appreciated, as i am trying very hard to improve my memory on my Dell, and would rather put this memory i have in the Toshiba to use rather than buying it. THANK U!!!
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  1. No, two different breeds of RAM will not work together. They have a different number of pins and are constructed differently, probably resulting in it not even fitting. While the speeds don't have to be the same, DDR1 and DDR2 do not mix.
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