Best video card with hdmi to hook up to a 52" LCD 1080p monitor for watching mov

I am building a computer for my living room, and wanted a video card that I can connect to my flat panal Sharp 52" 1080p TV. I am going to use it to surf the web, view movies on the blue ray player, watch internet streaming content. I would like it to look like I am watching regular tv?? Any suggestions?
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  1. Radeon HD 4650
  2. I think the HD 4650 is good enough for playback, I use a HD 3650 for a 52" 1080p Sony TV.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, but I noticed that that card does not have HDMI connection, and I should of been more specific, I would like a card that I can hook up to my TV via HDMI cable. Otherwise, if I purchsed the Radeon, I would have to use a DVI to HDMI adapter??
  4. I use a nvidia 9500GT to run my TV monitor off. My monitor is only 42" but it is still excellent quality from a cheap card <£50.
    Heres the link to the one I have: It has HDMI output.
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