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My mum just called and said she can't find the software for her memory card reader she has windows vista. When she puts a sd card in nothing happens. I am going round tomorrow I thought Vista would of found it as soon as you inserted the card. Any Ideas ? Is there any software I can download she think she delted the icon of her desktop.

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  1. What is the type of card reader that she has? Sounds like an external USB reader, but it would be helpful to know the manufacturer and model. What happens when she plugs it in? Audible beep indicating that the OS recognized a new plug and play device? Pop-up balloon with any info? Check device manager for any devices with an exclamation or question mark next to it? I figured those types of devices would be common enough for a newer OS like Vista to natively have drivers for, but I guess not. Also, try going to the manufacturer's site for their drivers.
  2. You may need to update the driver of that memory card reader, try flipping it to get the manufacturer name and google it so you can download the update.
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