LGA775 Motherboards with SLI

I am looking for a LGA775 motherboard that supports SLI, I can find quite a few motherboards that support Crossfire. So if anyone can tell me if there is a motherboard that has a 775 socket and SLI that would be great.
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  1. Budget?
    Chipsets like Nvidia 790i/780i/680i etc support Core2Duo and SLI
  2. I've been looking into this as well, and kinda stuck. What chipset is the best for overclocking? does PCIe 1.0 vs PCIe 2.0 matter?
  3. I know that those chipset support SLI but I can't find any motherboards with those chipsets still being sold, the P5N SLI used one but I can't find that still being sold anywhere. So what I really need is the names of the motherboards that are still being sold and have these chipsets. :(
  4. tigerdirect has them if i recall correctly.
  5. Sweet :) Anyothers that have nvidia chipset spring two mind
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