600 watt Psu Enough for gtx 275???

so i have a ocz 600sxs 600 watt psu ( which i thought was plenty to power my new card Gtx 275 from Evga), however after installing and hooking up both 6 pin power cables i dont get a signal to my monitor. Now i know the gtx 275 needs 40 amps on a single 12v rail, however i am having trouble finding that spec for my current PSU, the closest thing i can find in the manual is +3.3 max @ 36A ?

I tried resitting the card and using different connections to power this beast, however i am @ a loss.....plz help

here is the link for my PSU
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  1. You have 72amps over 4 rails, should be plenty assuming the PSU does a good job at load balancing. 550w is recommended for the 275 so your power supply should be aok.
  2. ^ Yes...That 600W has enough power for the GTX 275...check if it is a bad PSU or bad card who knows,,,
  3. Ok, thats what i was wondering if the "40" amp req was the total across all 4 12v rails or if u need to have a dedicated one or something.....I have a dell xps 420 with Q6600 Stock with one hard drive and one cdrom 2 2 gig sticks of corsair xms pc ddr2.

    Is it possible that my system is needed more power overall?

    O yea and the first time i powered it up it did post and than had a blue screen error before it got to windows , which leads me to think that the card is fubar. It does run (meaning i can feel the fan working when it's powered on. Idk its from the Egg so i think i should stop screwing around and RMA it YESTERDAY.

    thanks for the input, i just wanted to confirm that i had a PSU that was powerful enough..
  4. No, your system should be well within the 600W. I don't think it is your PSU.
  5. Your PSU is fine. Tom's did a review on power consumption, and it turns out nearly all cards (especially the high end ones) use far less than they call for on the box.
    While not as extensive, Tom's also did a review of the gtx 275 and touched on the topic of power consumption. As you can see, the gtx 275 at load consumes just a bit less than the 4870 1 GB and a little more than the gtx 260 c216 (note that this review is TOTAL power consumption for the system, not just the card.) The test system used for this 2nd review is a pretty strong one, so I can't imagine your system using more power than this.

    Comparing the data between these two reviews, it's a safe bet to say that you have plenty of clearance to run a single gtx 275. You could probably even run a pair of gtx 275s, but that'd be cutting it a bit close.

    Also, I would like to clarify that you don't actually have 72 amps on your 12v rail. 72 amps * 12 volts = 864 watts, which is significantly more than the entire output of your PSU. Each line is rated up to 18a maximum, but the PSU cannot support a full 18a on each plug.

    As for your original question: Since your system ran fine before the new card, I'm putting my money on the new GPU as the culprit. Don't rule out your PSU entirely though - even though it's strong enough by design, it could be damaged or faulty. Sometimes the malfunction doesn't reveal itself until the PSU is put under some load (such as a new GPU.)
  6. Tyvm all for your responses. I currently have a 8800 Gt that was OCed about 10% with no problems @ all...so yea the card has been Rmaed and a shiny new one will be on the way from the egg as soon as they get it.....I have bad luck, ordered a 4 gig kit of corsair Xms ram and it ran for one day before one of the sticks died. Rmaed new ones came a few weeks later and have ran perfect...o wells.....

    thanks again! ;)
  7. ^ Hmm...So the culprit was the graphics card...
  8. The only way to could see the card not being the problem is if my PSU isnt sufficient for my whole system....which i doubt is the case.

    Q6600 Stock
    4 gigs corsair XMS 2 sticks
    1 Cdrom
    no sound card
    no PCI cards
    it does have the dell built in monitor deal on the case though

    Dell Xps 420 with the above mentioned upgrades.
  9. I have the same power supply as you and video card and i have had no problems so far. So your problem must have been the card.

    I7 920 @2.8ghz
    ocz 6gb 1600mz
    wd 500gb Hdd
    Evga Gtx 275 OC 896mb
    Ocz gamexstream 600w psu
    Lg blu-ray
    6x case fans
    Nocturna heatsink with 2 fans
    Asus p6t mobo
    Thermaltake spedo advance package
  10. Yea....still waiting on the second card to ship. Than i will see how unlucky i really am...lol
  11. So...i got my second bunk card today.....it didnt even give my monitor a signal the first time i tried to post. I am @ a loss and i am beginning to think that perhaps my psu and my rig somehow conflicts with this card.

    I am going to run it over to best buy i thinks and see if they get it to work on another system...../shrug sooo damn annoying!
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