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I have windows xp pro and it corrupted the boot partition. When I restart the computer is says missing ntldr. My cd has option to repair from recovery console but I cannot log on. It goes directly to C:>.
The partition of the file is fat.
How could I repair. Please help..Thanks

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  1. What do you mean it goes directly to C: drive? It's cmd , it goes where you "tell it" to go!
    Or do you have some administrator restrictions or something ?

    Once the Windows XP cd loads, press the R key to go to recovery console.
    Choose Windows installation (usually by pressing 1)
    The password is required. If you have a password then write it, if you don't have a password then just press enter
    The cmd will appear.
    U have to use some commands to copy the ntldr and ntdetect from the Windows cd to the PC.
    U have to type in cmd the following:

    copy E:\i386\ntldr c:\ and press enter
    copy E:\i386\ntdetect.com c:\ and press enter

    (E if that's your cd drive, if not use your cd drive letter)

    In some cases the error consists of a bad boot.ini also. If that's the case you will eventually have to edit it...
    Keep in touch... Good luck! :hello:
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