Brand New Seagate HD not recognized by brand new ASUS MOBO

I have everything connected properly. I've tried two new SATA hard drives, neither is reconized in BIOS.

I'm completely new and know little aside from my research. Could someone help me?
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  1. Hi there.
    Which hard drive exactly and which motherboard do you have? be as specific as you can please.
  2. Hi there.

    The MOBO is M4A77TD and the hard drive is actually a Western Digital WD2500SW model.

    I did try a Seagate but I don't have the model for that right here. The same result for both hard drives.
  3. the make of the mobo is ASUS M4A77TD.
  4. I don't remember th2 2500SW
    I'm looking at two of the 2500SY REs right now. Are the SWs EIDE?
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