ASRock P45XE motherboard memory voltage and compatibility question.

I have a dual kit ram of 4GB A-DATA Vitesta 1066+Mghz DDR2 (2x2GB) that asks 2.1 - 2.3v voltage. I am planning to buy the ASRock P45XE motherboard and just want to be sure that the ram kit is compatible with the motherboard and also the voltage of the motherboard can sustain the memory.
Thank you.
Constantin Chirila
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  1. You should be just fine. Here's the specs page for your MB

    It supports up to 1200MHz RAM, 1066 is normal for this type of board. And the BIOS allows full control of DRAM voltage up to 2.7V!!

    When you first fire up the system, choose to load the BIOS defaults, just to make sure it's been cleared and setup properly. You may want to select one of the "performance" settings - likely "Performance IDE/SATA". Then go into Advanced and change the DRAM voltage to 2.2V and the Frequency to 533.

    Reboot and make sure it shows the right amt of RAM and right speed. You can go in later and play around with the timing for the RAM, but get your OS installed first at normal settings.

    Never heard of that RAM brand before, hope it works out. Good Luck
  2. Thank you for your answer Mongox.

    Anyone had some experience with this motherboard and RAMs?... anyone had any issues with these?
    Thank you.
  3. your RAM should give ies of 5.6 easy with vista if you use that MB but you need good Graphics because no screen port on that one but 2 pci-e at 8x each or 1 x 16x pci-e...
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