Disk Boot Failure during OS installation.

Hey guys, recently built a custom computer, all new parts. Receiving DISK BOOT FAILURE during Install CD bootup. Have tried with Windows XP CD and Windows 7 CD.


MB - Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3P
CPU - Intel Core2 Quad Q8200
GFX - Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 Superclocked Edition
RAM - OCZ PC3 12800 Gold Series Triple Channel DDR3 (1 stick in at the moment)
PS - Raidmax RX-730SS
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 640G SATA

I have configured the boot sequences as follows: 1-USB-CDROM 1-Hard Disk 1-CDROM
2-Hard Disk 2-USB-CDROM 2-Hard Disk

....and so forth

The bios can see my Sata HDD, which I have tried setting to AHCI, RAID, and IDE.
I've also tried setting my SATA port to enable Native IDE mode and Legacy IDE mode.
I loaded optimized defaults and played around with it, still getting the DISK BOOT FAILURE.

I first thought it was my USB DVD/CDROM, however it runs my Gigabyte Energy Saver Utility CD but only gives me option to reboot, plus it gives me the option to choose USB-CDROM in BIOS. I have also tried a friend's Internal CDROM with same results.

So I then thought it could be my SATA, but it is showing it in my BIOS and I have tried different SATA ports.

I'm not really sure at the moment where to go from here, I spent 7 hours yesterday messing with this rig, this is my first build, and I'm becoming very agitated because I can't even pinpoint the problem.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. I also wanted to add that I was thinking about hooking my HDD back up to an old computer and seeing if I can install Windows XP or 7 on it and switching it back to this computer.. but I don't think that would work.

    Only other thing I can think of is the SATA drivers...?
  2. UPDATE: I used Ultimate Boot CD, actually let me load this. I went into DiskWizard for Seagate and removed partition/formatted HDD. It then started asking for CD then press Spacebar! Finally somewhere... but then when I would insert my Windows XP CD it and hit SPCBR it would freeze like it was loading but never initiate. It then started giving me NTLDR errors, so I re-ran UBC and now im using KILLDISK to reformat the HDD. After that I will try using just WIN XP CD, if no success then I will try running it though DiskWizard.
  3. hmmm.. i guess ill try my hand at this one..

    is your disc scratched? could be causing a read error, i had a dreadfully similar problem like this with my dad's comp. had to burn a new windows 7 disc.

    if its not the disc, it could be a defective HDD.. if thats the case,contact Seagate, your warranty is most definitely still in effect.

    sorry i couldn't be of more help m8
  4. No I have WinXP slipstreamed with SP3, and one with SP2, as well as Windows 7, not scratched. I am using a USB-DVDrom/Cdwriter but I have USB-CDROM enabled in bios and have reset to optimized quite a few times. It's definately not my Seagate HDD, I formatted and was able to access it as a secondary drive through a friend's computer.

    I'm now at the point where my HDD is formatted, and it's giving me NTLDR error because of what I think was a failed format so I will try that again. Also using an old Maxtor HDD I get to where it says insert CD/DVD and when I do it boots up the CDROM and freezes.
  5. After reformatting my HDD its not stating "Error Loading OS" when trying to install XP for the first time. HDD is unallocated at the moment because last time I partitioned it I think it gave me NTLDR error.

    I'm leaving it as it is until I get feedback on this forum for some advice because I have no idea where to go from here. Should I partition HDD as one full partition, and try installing XP again?

    Either or, I get paid Sunday and will be purchasing an internal CD-ROM to make sure it's not the USB CDrom giving me crap.
  6. Man im having same issue I have one seagate 7200 320gig hard drive on new system just built. I tryed putting Windows 7 and showed I didnt have a hard drive even though Bios Recognizes it. I heard can get arround & not recognizing it if install Xp then update to 7 well installed XP then get disk read error when try to boot from HD.. have reinstalled several times now getting same error. Been at this for 5 hrs now at same time searchign forums for an awnser and not finding one.. If you figure it out please post.. Gonna borrow friends Vista disc and try that maybe have luck with it...
  7. Dude the issue I had ended up being like 3 different things.

    First, the HDD I was using wasn't formatted right, I think the format utility I used first messed up.
    Formatting again fully, with some utility that writes all 0's to your HDD, let me install the OS and move on the the next issue.

    I was using a very old usb cd-rom (didn't purchase interal cd-rom yet. lol. that would've helped I know).
    My mobo supported it in bios but for some reason didn't like it.
    I ended up using my roommates internal cd-rom, that solved the 2nd issue.

    I then had about 3 burned Windows XP SP3 CD's that were not recognized, so I had to reburn some different ones and I was able to get 2 to read upon bootup.

    After that I was able to install the OS and haven't had an issue of any kind since then.
    I'm now wanting to upgrade to Win7, but wanted to hold off a bit longer so I can enjoy this if it messes up for some reason. :D

    Post back on what exactly the errors are saying now. I'll try to help you if I can. I would suggest getting yourself some Win7 CD's to try then maybe question your cd-rom. That's the only thing I can think of if it's a Disk Boot Failure error.
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