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Ok, So I am looking to get a mobo for my i7 920 rig

Here's what I've narrowed it down to:

1. EVGA x58 758-A1
3. Asus P6t Deluxe v2

I'll be running a 5870 on this, so obliviously its an ATI card. I really want the EVGA board, but will this stir up problems with this card? Also, yes I know they are all good, but I am looking to overclock, and just general opinions about each board, or suggestion on better ones.

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  1. I like the obliviously!

    I will say that Gigabyte and Asus are more popular mfgs, at least in the US, than EVGA. What is it about the EVGA board that you like?

    I know nothing about graphics cards, sorry. Trying to get this thread back at the top so maybe someone else will help with it.
  2. Well as a follow up, went with the EVGA 578a1 3x SLI and I am loving it. Running my 5870 beautifully, I have a 932 HAF by coolermaster and my cooler is a Prolimatech Megahalems, with a 920 in there idle at 24C which is ridiculous. PS anyone who is looking for a case the HAF is the way to go, looks cool, great airflow, huge inside, and its affordable.
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