Whats wrong with my pc?

it happens that i install my mobo and gpu drivers, but my pc decides to restart itself after displaying a blue screen on which in white, it says that win has encountered a problem and needs to shut down. after restarting a window comes up that win has encountered an unexpected shutdown but recovered. it also asks to tell the problem online.
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  1. are they the drivers of the disk or online

    id recomend installing only the motherboard drivers, ignore the gpu for now

    and download the latest drivers online, sometimes the ones you get on dvd dont work or can casue issues but irs rare

    if you have a friend or another pc, download all the drivers to a memory stick then, reinstall windows then load all the drivers off that

    if this dosnt fix it, could be the bios

    can you tell us what motherboard and gpu you are using?
  2. mobo: intel dh67bl
    gpu: xfx hd 6850 xxx edition
    both drivers installed from cd
  3. He's 14, I'd suggest, going to the person who gave you that GPU and asking him to fix the problem. I'm saying this because the card is relatively new and you're relatively new with computers and problem solving( Deduced from the description of a BSOD).
    We can help you out, but, it might just take a lot of time and a lot of your patients.
  4. Hard to tell whats up from your brief description. I assume you have a new build and are at the point of installing the OS (Windows). You don't provide the hardware details or the OS version so I will guess it is Windows 7. Start over, if you have to do a quick reformat do it. Then install windows. Let windows fully update after it starts. This may take some time and involve several restarts. Once it is running and updated, install the chip set drivers. At this point you can install all the other device drivers including the video card set. Try to use drivers downloaded from the various manufacturer's sites as they will be most current. After each driver install have windows check for updates. If any are found, let them install before installing anything else. After each program installs (your software) also check for and install any updates. Install both the critical and recommended updates. After each install check that Windows restarts and runs properly. Take the time to do it right the first time.
  5. i installed win 7 ultimate x64 like thrice. before, what used to happen was that i had installed much downloaded software also many antiviruses but the problem still prevailed, even after installation of updates. i installed win hust this afternoon after formatting all the hard drive. i installed mobo and gpu drivers and after that 7zip and power iso. i installed resident evil 5, but as i launch it, the screen turns blue once again and the system restarts. btw, eset is not activated, and i donot know how to do it bcuz i dont know what the password and username are. (the guy who built the pc for me ONLY didnt give the mobo box).
  6. the thing is, the critical and recommended updates were installed, except for 2 imp ones. could old drivers be causing them because driver scanner says i have 12 old drivers, the oldest being 2 years old.
  7. What is eset? Yes old drivers could be causing all sorts of conflicts. Does the system work ok except for the game? Please list your MB, Video card, HD and memory-brand and model and amount of mem. Are you installing registered software or bootleg stuff? You really need to just install windows fully updated and nothing else. If it works ok then the problems are with the stuff you download.
  8. eset is an AntiVirus used pretty much around the asian continent :)
  9. the game is fine. i guarantee. it just doesnt work on my pc. windows works ok too. mobo: intel dh67bl
    video card: xfx radeon hd 6850 1gb xxx edition
    kingston 6gb
    hdd 300gb
  10. it turns out that resident evil 5 on dx9 ran, but when i changed several settings, the blue screen of death reappeared and the system restarted itself
  11. Getting information from you is like pulling teeth lol. What processor are you using, what power supply are you using? Have you altered the bios settings? Lastly if the systems runs as it should except for when you increase the quality setting on the game, then either the vid card cant handle it the PS is to small or not good quality, the cpu is getting hot or you might have bad memory. I would say return the system to the builder, have him benchmark it to show it runs ok.
  12. I told ya, he's young, go easy with him.
  13. even i encounter the same problem in my pc... exactly the same....so please do reply me if the problem is solved ....
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