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Ok so I just read something. Maybe I'm really delayed with my news here bus is intel coming out with a new CPU socket already. Its the i5 and LGA 1565 or something close to that? I feel like the i7 is still so new. I was thinking about going for a new desktop ideally to sell, or just keep around the hosue but I really want to try water cooling. Now I heard this 'i5' was releasing in September. Can anyone confirm this? Also what are gonna be the differences with the i5 and the i7, would it be worth waiting and saving up some bank so I can afford an i5 when it comes out? Cause this means I could get the i5, wait for DX11 and get a DX11 GPU also thats hopefully compatible with this new i5 socket... Any ideas on any of this?
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  1. Ok ignore my questions on the release of the i5, I didnt realise there was a post about 7 or 8 down. Sorry about that. Now the real question is what are the big differences with the i7 and i5. I still feel like the i7 is so damn new, its only about a year old, I could be wrong though. And does a new cpu mean we have to wait for GPUs and etc. to be compatible with them now?
  2. From what I understand i5 will be running off of socket LGA 1166, but some "i7" CPUs will too. The difference between the sockets is that the number of threads a core has is the same as the amount of cores, one thread per core instead of two. Also socket LGA 1166 will only allow double channel and not triple channel, but that means the system will be cheaper of course. Some speculate that the i5 or socket LGA 1166 cpus may perform the same, or perhaps better, than i7/LGA 1366 in games, specifically the ones that aren't quadcore optimized.

    All this is speculation and educated guesses until September rolls around.
  3. I thought the more cores... Generally the better? So where I was goign with this, I wanted to build a new water cooling system. It's probably best to wait for the i5, (newer technology = better imo) dx11, and GPUs all optimized. I mean even mobos will ahve to be new to hold the i5 cpus. Am I correct. So to buy a x58 mobo, i7 cpu, dx10 gpu and have to update it within a few months would be probably quite pointless huh. As this computer is sort of a side project and maybe just for sell in the long run.
  4. i7 is (or will be) both LGA1156 and LGA1366. Enjoy the confusion :)

    Rather than comparing i5 and i7 where the only major difference I think is Hyperthreading (i7 has it, i5 doesn't), we should compare LGA1156 and LGA1366.

    LGA1156: Dual-channel memory; integrated PCIe controller with fewer lanes than the X58 chipset's PCIe controller; DMI connection to the chipset instead of QPI. This is the mainstream socket if you like.

    LGA1366: Triple-channel memory; QPI connection to the chipset; PCIe controller is on the X58 chipset instead of integrated into the CPU package. High-end desktop/workstation socket with no more "cheap" CPUs likely to arrive for it.
  5. Ok... That is quite informative but it still leaves me to do research unless you wanna explain some of it. DMI Connectiion to the chipset instead of QPI... Makes no sense to me. Does it really matter where the PCIe controller is. So the i5 is much more ideal for most stuff it seems. I mean unless your running a full server, or your doing a lot of movies, editing, picture stuff? Also I sort of know what hyperthreading is, but I could not give you a very good explanation. Like I said I'm going to go research all of this myself, but if your in a helpful mood would be great to hear it from someone real and not some website that was typed up quick.
  6. The probability i5 cores will release just 1 to 2 week before or after intel's IDF (mostly before) or the i3 cores will release at next summer or Q4 2009.
  7. So I just checked Wiki on this. It says the core i3 is going to have an integrated GPU, which I dont want, and thats going to be a while anyways. So the one thing the i7 was centered around seemed to be multi tasking in a way. From what I've read the i5 is going to be just as powerful without the hyper threading and multi tasking capabilities? Seems to be the only big difference I have seen so far.
  8. randomizer said:

    Rather than comparing i5 and i7 where the only major difference I think is Hyperthreading (i7 has it, i5 doesn't), we should compare LGA1156 and LGA1366.

    i5 doesn't have HT, but I would be careful saying LGA 1156 wont because I am not sure if the the i3 CPUs will or not and they should be on that socket. To be honest there hasn't been any solid information on i3 for months, or perhaps, ever, it may never come out.
  9. i3 is a rebrand of C2D and maybe C2Qs, I3 is the new celeron, but you actually get some performance with them, the ones with integrated gfx are not i3s, they are actually i5s that are coming out later this year or maybe reworked C2D/Q later on with them on for large OEMs.

    I7's QPI just means if you got a besastly GPU setup, then it would work better, whereas the i5 and i3 are limited to single or weak dual GPU set ups.

    apparently anything with eight threads and up will be i7/i9

    if you can afford it get a 1366 package, and there were roomers of zoning out the i7 920 to make room for 1156 so if u can, move now
  11. I don't know how much I believe that roadmap chart. Some of it looks right, and some of it looks highly speculative. Clearly the i3, i5, i7 gradations are aligned to number of threads, but I have heard nothing which implies Penryn/Wolfdale/Yorkfield will be re-branded i3, or that the "number of threads" rule would be violated by Arrandale.
  12. The IGP coming with the core ixx is the larrabee right?
  13. Larrabee is entirely different.
  14. o then never mind
    And isn't Intel discontinuing the LGA 1366 socket and introducing the LGA 1156 for all Ixx?
  15. Nope. 1366 will remain for subsequent high end desktop products, and 1156 is being added for the mainstream desktop market.
  16. 1366 is where hex cores and octo cores will live in, 1156 is where quads and maybe hex (big maybe) will live. the highest end of 1156 will have HT with 4 cores in the end when the big boys have HT and 8 cores.

    i seriously wonder if the lack of information on i3s confirm the rebrand thing, it makes sense not to piss off current buyers that their c2d c2q is heading the way of the celeron and thus no more sales until i5. But I could be very wrong on this one with them actually doing something else with i3
  17. ^ I don't think they'll make hexa-cores for 1156 since the octo-cores will be the final CPU's for Nehalem, and the hexa-cores will still be high-end chips when the octo-cores come out.

    I wonder what architecture they're getting ready for 2011 since the Octo-cores come out in Q4 2010 according to roadmaps.
  18. well, what i foresee is that since these things are so similar, we may have a X2/X3 situation with Intel, where the eventual octo cores may have some bad batches that works with some of its things disabled (less memory channel, few less cores, less cache, etc.) and they would be dumped into the 1156 as the high end or 1366 as the low end verses the fully functional design of hexa cores that would have perfect everything except lower core count with no ACC magic like the current AMD stuff.
  19. ^ I don't think they could use disabled octo-cores for LGA1156 since 1156 CPU's need that integrated PCIe controller which the Octo-cores won't have, and neither will the 1366 hexa-cores.

    basically 1366 and 1156 are completely different except for the main architecture.
  20. oooo touche, completely forgot about the integrated PCIE stuff... guess that won't happen then.
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