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Copying DVDs (not illegal movies)

I bought Windows 7 Professional upgrade from Microsoft through their student discount and was given the option of downloading the software for a lower price rather than have a physical copy shipped for a higher cost.
Since I'm a college student, so I'm poor and I didn't really want to have to wait, so I just downloaded it and burned it onto a DvD.

Recently, I just bought a CD/DVD burner with Lightscribe on it and I would love to be able to re-make them on CD/DVDs and label them properly with Lightscribe. However, I am no longer allowed to download it off their website, as they only allow downloads for 30 days. So, I was wondering if there was a way for me to copy the DvD with one drive.

How would I do this?
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    Your cd/dvd program should have a function called disk copy. It will prompt you for a sorce disk (Your DVD with Win 7 on it), it will copy a image file to HDD. When done it will the prompt you to put in a Blank DVD and it will write the image on to the new DVD. Althoe windows 7 should have a program, I use IMGBURN. This is a free program that you can down load - Just goole imgburn.
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