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I'm on the lookout for a new card, amongst other things, so I'm looking for some advice. I've always used ATI, but I'm thinking to maybe try and go for an Nvidia card this time round - not really had any major problems but just never feel like I'm getting enough out of the cards I've had (could easily be due to my other system specs of course!).

For my budget, I'm thinking to maybe go for a Zotac GF GTX260 192p, 896MB DDR3.

However, for the same price I can get a Powercolor Radeon HD4850, PCIE, 512MB DDR4, or for slightly more a Gigabyte Radeon HD4850, 1GB DDR3.

I also need to upgrade my mobo and CPU, so was thinking of an AMD Phenom II X3.

I play mostly shooters (stalker, splinter cell, crysis, bioshock, dead space etc).

Anyone any views that could help me decide either to go with Nvidia, or stick with ATI?

Thanks in advance, I have already researched a good bit but as always there's pros and cons to everything, so looking for some opinions...
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  1. go with the GTX 260, it performs better than the 4850.
  2. ^ Well the GTX 260 would be better than the 4850 for sure...but what is your resolution ?
    And that GTX 260 is a Core 192 and not Core 216...
    So see if you can get the core 216...It would be the better option...
  3. So, I ended up going for a Palit GTX275 I spotted that was just slightly over what I intended spending. Got that hooked up with a new motherboard and processor (AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-Core Processor), 4 GB ram and running Windows 7 64-bit.

    But now I have a big problem - when I play any intensive games like Crysis Warhead or Prototype, my system crashes, just reboots after a few seconds to a few mins.

    Any ideas what it might be? I have a 550w PSU. I also tried it with Vista 32 bit but same problem. It's not OC'd or anything, and I've whacked the GPU fan up to 100% and it's only hitting about 80 degrees before the crash, so don't think it's a heat problem.

    Driving me nuts cos I was well looking forward to getting stuck in to some stuff!
  4. Well, just after posting this I tried the only thing left, and I UNDER-clocked it, and it seems to be working now! Great, I might as well have bought the 260!

    Any ideas then what it might be? At least it seems stable now so I'm not so peed off.
  5. I would guess it's your PSU. A 550w from a quality manufacturer should handle that card but an off brand 550w could very well have problems.
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