Cpu problem

i'm new here,

from few days i felt that my pc has slow down and when i checked by cpu-z
its shows like this
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tell me how to fix this....???
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  1. my pc's config,
    processor :core 2duo @2.2ghz
    mobo :biostar g31d-m7
    gpu : onboard intel(r) gma 3100 256mb
    ram :1Gb @667mhz
    monitor :lg 19" lcd wide
    cab + psu : p4 atx with 400watts
    hard disc :160gb
    optical drive :lg dvd rewiter 20x
    speaker :creative 2.1
  2. I can only assume you're pointing to the fact that at the time you were running CPU-Z, your CPU was running at 1.2GHz, and not it's rated 2.2GHz. Well, that's a normal function of SpeedStep, which allows the CPU to down-clock itself to lower speeds when it's idle in order to save power. If you were to run a program, the CPU would speed up to 2.2GHz while executing it.

    Now, as to why your PC may have "slowed down" recently, I haven't a clue why that happened or what may have caused it. If there's an anti-virus scan or defragmentation running in the background, they could cause a slowdown. So could numerous other programs. What might cause concern is whether or not it's being caused by some malicious software, which could have been downloaded or accidentally installed while web browsing.

    Other than that, you really didn't give us much to go on besides a CPU-Z pic I've already explained is no cause for concern.
  3. thanq RazberyBandit,

    what u said is speed is dependent on no. of operations currently running,
    less operation less speed at that instant and vise verse............!

    and also suggest me budget graphics card ,i've 19" monitor @ 1400*900
    i've these in my mind : ati 5670 or nvidia 9600gt 0r gt240 or any other at similar price range

    and i saw the bench mark's chart that shows performance at higher screen resolution but at i stated resolution clearly 5670 'll win isn't it....????
  4. Yes and no regarding the CPU. The CPU speed will depend on whether or not it's needed at the time, not necessarily on whether or not there are programs running. They need to be actively accessing the CPU for it to speed up to it's 2.2GHz operating speed. When it's not actively needed to process any information, it will slow down to save power.

    As for the graphics card, the 5670 is the better performer of those you listed, and should perform very well in most games at that resolution. Some games that are more CPU-dependent may not run very well, though. A 2.2GHz dual-core CPU is actually below recommended specs for some newer games.
  5. ok your english is grammatically very good not mine(my mother tongue is not english) hope u can bare with me,

    as far cpu , can i upgrade to core i3 or core 2 quad bcoz i won't risk it by overclocking(don't know much about it)

    another option is add another 2 gb ram(currently i've only 1gb ram )
  6. I would hope I speak English well since I'm American and English is my native language :)

    You're doing OK with your English. I am able to understand you.

    For the CPU, you could not upgrade to Core i3. You have an LGA-775 socket motherboard, so the most powerful CPU it could use would be a Core 2 Quad. Core i3 CPUs require LGA-1156 sockets.

    Unfortunately, your motherboard might not support the power requirements of a Core 2 Quad. We would need to know the motherboard make & model so we can go to the manufacturer's website and see it's CPU Support list. CPU-Z should be able to tell you the make and model on the Mainboard tab.

    Adding more RAM would definitely help, and is probably where I would start first. 4GB has become the norm, but 3GB would definitely be an improvement. Again, we'd need to match new RAM to the old, so we'd need to check it's specs. CPU-Z will show you it's specs on the Memory tab.

    What we have yet to discuss is what you meant by "slow down" in your first post. Did you mean things are loading and running slower lately, or was it just the CPU frequency you saw in CPU-Z that worried you?
  7. ok coming to root, few days back i made a back up of c drive using hiren's boot cd after that i start feeling that my pc has slow down and copy paste work starts taking much time and i do lot of work using image editor like photosacpe, it take much time to even at start up and initialy while playing fifa 09 i'm able to play at min 40fps but now max 30(using fraps software) and searching in net came to know abt cpu-z now it shows speed it 1.2 but i newer saw 2.2ghz in cpuz that make me worry much so that's y asked abt cpu upgrade, new gpu and adding ram..!
  8. And also tell me how cpuz able to tell my mother board that it 'll support core 2 quad?
  9. What I'd like you to do is load CPU-Z and watch it while you run another program in a different window, such as a disk defrag. (Better yet, a virus scan.) Watch the CPU-Z window for the CPU frequency to change as the program loads and is running. If it reaches 2.2GHz at any point, then the CPU itself is fine.

    The issue you're describing sounds more like something is running in the background and using up resources. Did you make sure to scan the hiren's download for viruses and/or malware/spyware, and have you done any such scans on the PC since then?

    CPU-Z shows the socket of the mainboard is LGA-775. Core 2 Quads are LGA-775 CPUs, so they will fit. But, it might not be able to support a Quad's power requirement. Go to the Mainboard tab in CPU-Z and tell me the make and model of the mainboard. I'll look it up on the manufacturer's website to check that board's CPU Support list to see if it can support a Core 2 Quad.
  10. No, hiren's boot cd is free from virus,
    now i put to scan my pc completly,some songs to download, and doing image editing i astonishingly saw that it shows 2104Mhz only for fraction of a second after come to 1248MHz and only last two number keeps changing later on..!
  11. The last numbers will often change on any CPU, as the BUS speed will often have slight changes, even while the PC is running. Speaking of which...

    Why is your BUS speed 211MHz? It should be right around 200... Is there any chance you've been doing some BIOS overclocking?
  12. Sorry i don't know y it is 211 instead of 200, and i said, really don't 've basic knowledge on bus, overclock, and bios and i even don't know how to get there
    and one more question my friend had nfs shift game is about 7.6gb iso file but dvd is only 4.7gb i know it need 2 dvd but how to burn it, while installing 'll it ask to put another cd? Plz help!
  13. Since you mentioned the game is in an ISO file, I can't help but infer that this would be a pirated copy. I'm sorry, but I can't assist you in an effort to do something that's illegal. Doing so would violate the rules here at Tom's.

    Back to something I can assist with... the bus speed. Someone must have entered the BIOS and set the FSB incorrectly. That or it's been wrong since the beginning...

    You can only access the BIOS when a system is first started, right after it POSTS. You do so by pressing the appropriate key (usually Delete, F2, or F10) when you can see a message similar to, "Press Del to enter Setup." Using the BIOS's load defaults function should revert the system back to automatic detection of the FSB, multiplier, voltages, memory timings, and many other settings. I would try that and only that, because inexperienced people should NOT play around within a PC's BIOS. You can do some serious harm in there with only a couple keystrokes.

    I won't be able to be any further help today because I'm finally going to sleep. Hopefully someone else can help you further in my absence.
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