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As my pc wasnt posting, I took it to the repair shop as I didnt have another motherboard to test my components, and it turns out its the motherboard that is faulty.

I am looking for a quick fix upgrade for my q6600 and ddr 2, Im not financially able to make the leap to core i2 just yet.

My previous motherboard was a gigabyte p35 ds4, which was very feature packed, too many features for me i all frankness. I do not need two pci express graphics slots and I do not need a plethora of sata ports, so I am hoping I can save there.

I gather the p45 chipset is the best for my set up, but I am after specific reccomendations as I do not know what will provide me with a stable and fast set up. I would like it to be easy to overclock, and to overclock well as my gigabyte gave me a 3.4ghz clock speed.

Thank you for looking and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
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  1. My pick would be a P45-UD3x (ie UD3L,UD3R,etc) board or similar ASUS board.
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