Can't get into BIOS

Hi guys, built this system last night:

M4A785TD-M EVO Mobo
AMD Athlon II X3 445 CPU
4GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600 DIMM
ASUS ENGTX460 GeForce GTX 460

I'm having a problem with the BIOS flashing a little white cursor at me in the upper left corner of my screen and just hanging there. No response when I hit any keys other than Ctrl-Alt-Del to reset. When I boot up the system or reset, I get the usual screen with the option to go into the BIOS, see BIOS stats, or access the core unlocker function.

I should clarify that I didn't have this problem at the outset. The first time I got into the BIOS ok, set the time, and looked at the menus for my DVD drive and my hard drive. I didn't change anything but the BIOS guide said I should make frequent restarts to ensure any problems are easily identified. Now the only changes I made were to the date and time. I looked at a few specific options but I didn't change from what they were already set to by default.

I've cleared the RTC RAM as instructed by the manual after the first few times of seeing the dreaded cursor. I was able to get back into the BIOS, adjusted the date and time, and hit F10 to save and exit. The system then rebooted and the options for BIOS, stats and core unlocker came up again. I hit DEL to enter the BIOS and was met with the cursor, again.

It's really tempting at this point to clear the RTC RAM again and just go with the defaults and continue with installing Windows 7 but that seems hasty and I just want this thing to work properly with fewer problems down the road. Thanks.
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  1. trouble in RAM !
    For Ram Corsair 4GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600 DIMM , manual pages 1.12/1.15 indicates the ram is suitable for dual channel operation with 2 modules inserted in either blue or the black slots; but only supports one module in any slot for single channel operation.
  2. So I should try putting both modules in either the blue or the black slots? I have them inserted in the Channel A slots indicated on page 1.12 of the manual.
  3. try 1 stick ram
  4. Turns out my dual channel kit was plugged into the same channel so I put both onto the blue slots as recommended by the manual and it works as intended now.
  5. is your system stable..?
  6. I haven't been able to install Windows yet, likely an issue with my optical drive, but everything else looks ok. No problems accessing BIOS and my internal temperatures look ok. BIOS shows the CPU at about 32c. The hard drive fitness test returned with no errors.
  7. Install OS put RAM in first slot (dimA1) , just first slot for right to install OS your mobo is Black color
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