I bricked my mobo, problems resetting bios.

Hi guys I'm having a problem. I used a floppy to try and update bios, the computer will not boot up afterwards. I need help resetting bios. This is my mobo here:

I have tryed Unplugging the PS, removing the CMOS battery for 15 minutes.

I have also tryed unplugging the PS, Switing the reset bios jumper positions, pressing the power switch, waiting 5 minutes, switching the jumpers back and powering on again. Still no luck, anyone have any ideas.

thanks in advance.
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  1. You killed the board with a bad flash. Get a new board or try RMA.
  2. Maybe your board has a removable BIOS chip? I kinda doubt it though.. I wouldn't know cuz that link you posted doesn't work.

    RMA would be best bet. Kind of a pain but I hope that works for you..
  3. rma the board
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