Difference between 780g and 785g

hi !!

i am planning to upgrade my comp..

have chosen the amd athlon II x2 250 processor...

wanted to buy a mobo for that...

i was wondering whether i have go for a 780g chipset or a 785g chipset...

is the difference substantial ?? i know the built in graphics differ...

but is the hd 3200 and hd 4200 graphics differ by a large extent ??

i'm planning on light gaming on this system at low resolutions (1024*768)

and other everyday works like browsing... projects for my school... etc etc

plz help me choose the right chipset for my needs...
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  1. Ive used both, didn't notice much difference but I'd say go with the 785G.
  2. even in terms of graphics performance ??
    i heard u could over clock the 4200 in 785g chipset ?
  3. If Overclocking ability is an isue, the Ocing capability for micro boards in general pales in comparison to a full featured enthusiast oriented MB. 780/785 are micro boards with 'limited' overclocking ability. My ASUS 780G onboard 3200 is 'OK', but weak and not overclockable at all with ATI drivers.
  4. so if the option of overclocking is removed then the difference isn't noticeable is it ??
  5. 780G has native crossfire which I use. The onboard 3200 in Xfire with a Radeon 3450. It's weak. Apparently the 785G doesn't offer native crossfire. I used the onboard 3200 chip briefly before I added the 3450 in Xfire. In Xfire the 3450 is Overclockable, but not the 3200 onboard. In addition, I have not read any reviews concerning the 785G onboard. The 3200 onboard gets good reviews. At any rate, the onboard chips perform miserably when compared to say, the 3870 I had installed briefly on my 780G. I wanted a quiet, low power machine not a gaming setup so I went back to the 3200/3450 xfire set up for now.
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