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Issues with 2 hard drives?

Hello I'm fairly new to the inner workings of a computer and recently watched a friend rebuild my desktop with a few new parts. I had an 80GB hard drive before, running vista and such but it filled very fast so my friend brought me a 320GB Laptop hard drive and threw it in my PC for some extra space. The first time we booted my machine it recognized it, but since last night when I would boot it only showed the 80. I am concerned I may have bumped a wire or accidentally unplugged something. My friend says it might be because my PSU isn't powerful enough to power everything and it might be prioritizing devices. A little info on my machine, it was an old HP Pavillion a1530e, I bought a new Biostar A770E3 Motherboard, AMD Athlon II X2 245 Processor and a 2GB stick of DDR3 RAM because my old motherboard (we estimated it was around 8-10 years old) had died. We kept the Bestec 300w PSU in it, could this be the issue?
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    Does it show up in the bios? If it does, have you looked for it in disk management (assuming you're running windows)? If it shows up in disk management, have you properly initialized the drive?
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