MSI P45 Neo-F Bios Questions

Hey guys;

I'm trying to find an updated Bios for my Motherboard (MSI P45 Neo-F), and I will admit it's not something I've done before and with all the ineherent risks I am somewhat reluctant!

Couple of questions to help me out/through this.

1. How would I be able to tell what version of Bios I have got already?

2. Could someone point me in the right direction for a source of Bios? - I've had a look on MSI's website and all I can seem to see are bios' for the P45 Neo, P45D3 Neo-F, P45 Neo3-F, etc. but not the specific combo I have: MSI P45 Neo-F (Linky)

3. Finally; Anyone got a idiots walkthrough for Bios Flashing? Lots of experience of building/working with computers, but not with this particular procedure!

Thanks for all your time guys!

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  1. I would try it first, and if everything works, I wouldn't flash it. Cpuid will also list the bios version. You are right; lots of versions of your board, so be careful before flashing.
  2. current bios flashes on the screen when you boot up

    verify the mb model number using cpuid (will show bios version to)

    why are you reflashing, don't even bother if you don't have a good reason.
  3. The reason I am flashing is because some of people with this Processor (Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00Ghz) are having overheating problems, some of which solved it by reflashing the bios on their Mobo.
  4. if are you having overheating problems post a screenshot of cupid on the motherboard tab and i will see what i can find for you

    if you are not overheating leave well enough alone, you don't' want to reflash unless you have to.
  5. hi.... i own a p45 neo2 mobo from msi

    they have on their download site for bios updates upto 3.4version which i'm currently running and also having probs too, now i have just recently fitted a 1000gb hdd (1tb) into my machine and they have a 3.3 version bios which supports the 1tb hdd, should i flash down to that version and would it make that improvement than what i'm getting now?

    thank you
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