M4a785-m only recognizes 2 gb of G.Skill DDR2 1200

As the title says, I have a M4A785-M which, according to all available info, should easily support 4gb of ram. I have (2) 2gb G.Skill ripjaws DDR2 1200, but I can only get the machine to boot with one stick. With both, nothing, no post, no output, nada. I read somewhere that this may mean that I have to set my timings manually in order to utilize both sticks. Haven't had much luck tracking down the recommended timing for this ram but i believe it's 6-6-6-18. also, when setting timings in the bios, what's the difference between dct0 and dct1? Tried both with 6-6-6-18 but still won't post. I hope I explained this well enough. Thanks.
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  1. Default or auto timing should never keep your system from booting.

    Your motherboard specs and manual are located here:

    With the 1 stick installed, go into BIOS and set it to something like Optimal Defaults - whatever step you have up from basic defaults. This will clear any special settings in the BIOS, so be prepared to change back any previous changes you made, like boot order, USB keyboard, etc...

    Try both sticks now. If no joy...

    Make sure you have the RAM in the right slots. Use the blue slots, A1 and B1. Try them also in slots A2 and B2. Try the single module in both A1 and B1 to see if there's a fault in slot B1.

    Look up the voltage specs for your RAM. For example, it might be 1.95V - so set this as the DRAM voltage in BIOS.
  2. Hey, did you get this figured out? I believe the memory list for this mobo says that is only supports 1 dimm of DDR2 1200. I have this same board and I was think about getting some GSkill Pi 1200 2x2GB and trying to get it to run either 1060/1080 cas4 or 1386/1413 cas5, but if the board will not support both dimms in dual channel(even underclocked) then I will have to pick another route.
  3. I looked at the manual and the board will support both sticks but only one per channel, so they both go in the blue memory slots.
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