Is my board fried?

Hi everyone

I have an ASUS P5N Motherboard with an intel core2 Quad CPU

I don't remember the brand of my cooling fan as I write this from the laptop but suffice to say it is oversized for Maximum cooling.

As I was in the living room, I heard a dry snapping sound like something falling to the floor.

I went to the den and the computer was no longer working.

The dreaded question I have is : Can it be my board that fried? Or is it the power supply.

I bought and put this system together about 2 months ago, it's brand spanking new and I one of the reasons I favored Intel over AMD was due to the temperature control features.

On top of that my powerbar is surge-protected and is also new.

My power supply was an older 500w one so I tend to think this might be it as it was hot afterwards and had a smell like brake oil.

So please tell me...Is it possibly the powerbar as I suspect or am I merely in denial and it's my board?

thanks in advance
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  1. List the parts with makes & models. Inspect them for visible burnouts, damage, etc.

    Even a crap powerbar is fine as long as it has a fuse in it.
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