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USB to RS-232 adapter = unknown device

Got a new (cheap) USB to RS-232 adapter - CD that came with it was blank.
Only info in device properties is:

Can anybody help me?

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  1. Have you got a Brand? Your OS and version would be good too.
  2. Well I thought I would just write off my big expense, but this is what I have.

    Think both that I bought have PL-2303 chips.
    Where I bought them - 59c Importer520

    And bought for 30c this
    ...... Both had CDs , one was blank. Downloaded from net a new driver, still get
    "cannot start (code 10) on one and "unknown device" on other. Win XP and Win 7 on two machines.


    starzty said:
    Have you got a Brand? Your OS and version would be good too.
  3. Looks like the URLs didn't survive Tom's filters, but if you google B000K02UP8 , it should come up with a picture ad of the device with a (Prolific PL2303HX Chipset)

    My computers are HP laptop and homemade, both running XP Pro ver 5.1 SP3

    Also tried the adapters in a machine running Win 7 ver 7000? beta - same end result.

  4. What driver did you try? the CH341SER? I've actually used one of those in Linux, which I'm sure isn't even a little helpful

    It's ok, the links behaved for me
  5. Have not seen " hl-340" or (ch341ser.sys) anywhere in the testing or documentation

    They seem to be made by
    Prolific Technology Inc. PL-2303 (Chip Rev H, HX, X) USB to Serial Adapter
    Windows, Driver v1.4.17

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    Worst case scenario it continues not to work
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