M3A32MVP buiLd-finaLLy.!?!

she cost $250 over a year agon and is outdated aLL redy. . but i finaLLy have the cOIn. ;) My questions are: 1)can i use (4x)2gig DDR21066 modules for 8Gigs(max) or doi HAVE to use (2x)4Gig DuaL chnl 1066 sticks, one onLy for each sLot pair?!? 2) can i run a RAID 5 array across the two diff SATA contrLlrs(AMD & MarveLL)and be stabLe? 3)is RAID5(3-4 dsk)faster than single 500G/32M hdd? 4)preferrence(other than cost) between RAID5 vs RAID1 0. i expect to begin purchase of items starting as earLy as Sun10/11/09, ne1 out there famiLiar with my griefs give a shOUt pLeeze. :) have: M3A32MVP DLX WIFI/AP,PCP&C SLNCR750 CFX ED,modded uLtRa aLumNs to buy: PhIIx4940BE, OCZTrident(4x)2Gig1066,(3x)WDbLack500/32-RAID5(1 TB all around)Tt RubyOrb HSF or uLtRa cHiLL-tEc cpu coolr, uLtra mEdia D/brd crd rdr/usb.Tt cig ltr w/ bev tray. . video undecided- - ne experienced advice wuLd BgratLy apprtd! tY xXaJaXXx@comcast.net
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  1. You'll find that the folks here, like other real-world people you may run into in life, are more likely to engage you and participate in your tasks if you take a little time to use punctuation, reasonable capitalization and an effort at correct spelling.

    Your motherboard specs are here:
    And the manual can be downloaded from that location.

    1) Yes, your system should be able to use 4 x 2GB DDR2 1066 RAM. It doesn't list support for 4GB modules and the cost of those is prohibitive anyway. So use the 2GBs, in pairs.

    Can't help with RAID, sorry. But I'm pretty sure that no RAID array is ever faster than a single drive. RAID is used for its ability to safeguard your data.
  2. Yes that MB will support RAID and no the controlers work as separate raid devices so no you cannot use the two controlers as a single raid 5. Raid 0 is indeed faster that a single drive. However it may not be that helpful in every instance.
  3. Thank U! The finaL buiLd was as foLLows (up it tiLL it died few days ago!):
    M3A32 DeLuxe WiFi/AP SOLo -WiFI working in sTation mode under Win7-64 HomePr
    -onboard audio died during speaker tryouts.
    AthLonIIx4 620 running @3.21GHz/1.39v -FSB 268 CooL n' Quiet aCtive
    ThermaLTake SpinQ-VT (cpu never surpassed 50C-even in the WasteLand!)
    (2x)2GB G.sKiLL TriDenT 8500@ 1072MHz/2.1v (Lilmited,unganged, 5-5-5-15-26-2T)
    (2x)WD BLaCK 640GB/32MB cache SATAII @ RAiD 0 (throughput deteriorated during overcLock untiL raising PCIe MuLti.[106]- 289MB/s burst, 178MB sustaind)
    Asus EAH5870/1GB - stock (won't handLe-overheats-BioS2 onLIne w/o manuaL fan set at 45%+ depending on ambient)
    Asus XonaR DS
    i was abLe to buiLd the summer of '10, out in the sands south of FresNo! i battLed the high temps with creative fan Layouts and case(uLtRa aLuminUs) mods but it wasn't enough:/ moved rig to norcaL and got hit by a Lightning caused brown out whiLe "auto-tuning" 5870. Recovered, Hit stabLe 3.2Gigs thru the FSB which made the whoLe machine "SnaPPier" and started reaLLY kikn' buTT onLine. The G-15 keyboard and ThermaLTake eSports BLaCK mouse reaLLy heLped accuracy once i sLowed the desktop mouse speed down to Minimum! the 4000-400 "DPI on the fLy" puts u baCk in controL!
    If u Look at the size of the NorthBridge HeatSinks on the new boards it's cLear they(manuf.'s) know there's a probLem. After incredibLe Graphic battLes under the sea in BioShocK2-Metro Pack-FaLL of Rapture, My NB meLted thru the Heat Tape and turned it to Cement and the 'board into a "canVas";)! They Let me RMA it so we'LL see how it goes. i stiLL Love this 'board and
    i StiLL Love RAiD 0, but i'LL move it to the MarveLL controLLer as Storage/Streamer and use the SB650 in AHCI mode for Boot SSD's and OpticaL drives. The new Standards are estabLIshed and the 'Boards comming out are siCK! Add an OvercLocKed BuLLDozer to SSD's, CrossFire, EyeFiniTy and RAiD storage and "pLay 'tiL the End of the WorLd"!
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