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I have an Acer Extensa 5630Z laptop with a T3400 processor, 2GB Ram, and the infamous Intel GMA 4500M onboard graphics card.

My question is, will this system be sufficient to run Dawn of War 2? I do not need it to run on high spec...since that would be wishful thinking...but could someone tell me if it will run smoothly on lowest resolution settings.

I have scoured the web and until now have had no conclusive answer...can you help?
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  1. Well the card is well below the minimum one required under the manufactuers system requirements. I would not think that it will be playable, even if you get it to run the framerates will be too low for any type of gameplay even at the lowest possible settings.
  2. Nope it can't even run HL2 which will run on almost anything. Sorry :(
  3. i dont know about you guys but i have an acer 4730z with 2gb ram and tha gma4500m and it can run C&C3 COH and other games. even left dor dead

    I bought my laptop for £350 and its serves my needs, i dont mind playin games on lower resolution and graphics as long as i can play them and there portable
  5. the 4500 series is roughly similar to a 4550 ati
  6. edeawillrule said:
    Nope it can't even run HL2 which will run on almost anything. Sorry :(

    I Have intel gma 4500m i can run hl2 easily....
  7. lol my laptop( aspire 4730z)
    spec : intel pentium dual core t3200 2.00ghz
    3gb ram
    intel gma 4500m
    can run the dark crusade at medium,need for speed undercover, need for speed prostreet, company of heroes relic, left for dead 1 almost no lag.
  8. I have a VAIO (2.1 GHz, 4GB RAM, Windows 7)
    It runs Halo, Halo 2, Devil may cry 3, Resident Evil 4, Tomb raider Anniversary, Prince of Persia-2 Thrones & I-ninja with High Graphic Settings and framerate 30+.

    It runs Spider man 3, Assasins Creed, Resident evil 5 with low grphic settings and framerate ~20.

    Also Intel says 4500MHD will run any game, though the performance may be poor. And till date it has been verified pretty well.
  9. edeawillrule said:
    Nope it can't even run HL2 which will run on almost anything. Sorry :(

    I have the GMA 4500M and can run HL2 easy, no probs, have had luck with Command and Conquer 3, Portal, The Club, Gears of War 1, tried Crysis, it runs, but so slow I am going to uninstall it. Really wanting to try Fallout 3 but dont want to spend the money if it wont work, ive seen videos of it working on youtube, but ive also seen videos of crysis working as well, its a bitch but you never know until you try
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