Lost asx file from hard drive

Is there a way to retrueve an accidentally asx file? I think that it's deletion is the reason why my computers sound does not work at all.
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  1. how did you delete it is it in the recycling bin
  2. It seems unlikely that a missing .asx file would cause your sound to stop working. The .asx format is related to sound files being queued for playing. So an .asx file might have a dozen files lined up to play in a certain order in Win Media programs.

    If your sound isn't working, first check all your hardware. Physically unplug the wires and re-plug them. Make sure your speakers have power, etc...

    If that doesn't do it, you should re-install the sound drivers. This is on your motherboard or sound card's install/driver CD/DVD. Just select the sound programs only, not all the others on the CD. If that doesn't work, then try un-installing the driver in Windows first, then reboot and re-install.
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