Why does my dvd drive show up as slave when cabled as master ?

I'm trying to do a repair on one of my drives,but I can't use the xp pro disk because it shows as the slave drive. It's cabled as the master and the jumper is set as master. I'm using a ASUS A8V DELUXE. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.
thanks, foghat
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  1. why do you think the drive needs to be set to master to use a xp disc

    what are you trying to repair and how do you plan to do it

    what dvd drive is it
  2. It shows up as the slave drive so I can't set it as my boot drive. I am repairing an xp
    pro disk using the installation disk for for the repair. The dvd drive is a lite-on sohd-167t.
    Let me know if there's some other way of doing this.
    thanks, foghat
  3. foghat said:
    It shows up as the slave drive so I can't set it as my boot drive

    go in your bios and set the first boot device to cdrom, slave and master have no affect on this setting

    as to the slave issue: set your drive jumper to cable select, plug the blue end of the ribbon cable in the mb and the middle connector to the dvd drive
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