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I have a HAF 922 case and i wanted to get a new Heatsink for my Phenom ii x4 965 to O.C.
Since the HAF 922 has a 200mm top mounted fan i was wondering if anyone knew of any heatsinks that are placed vertically instead of the traditional horizontal.I need the exhaust from the heatsink to go upward twards the 200mm fan.Was wondering if their are any heatsinks out their that can do that?
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  1. ?
  2. If you want the cpu heatsink fan to blow air from the bottom to the top, then rotate the heatsink clockwise 90 degrees and then install the heatsink retention bracket. This should work with cpu heatsinks that have a universal retention bracket that can be used with just about any cpu socket.

    The first one that comes to mind that might work is the Coolermaster Hyper 212+. It is an excellent heatsink and a very good value. Here is a link to newegg where you can watch an installation video:

    EDIT - I just watched the video and a few more over at I'm not sure theheatsink can be rotated 90 degrees. There's also another problem. When rotated 90 degrees it appears as if the heatsink will interfere with the two memory slots closest to the cpu.
  3. - Spire thermax eclipse II (low & quite) best choise for CPU AMD
    - tuniq tower 120 extreme
    - scythe Kabuto : (good For AMD)
    all very low noise, low temperature
    many review , comparison & size look in :
  4. What makes it better for AMD?
  5. @JohnnyLucky
    Also didn't think of that either.'I used to own a Zerotherm ZT10 and it cleared the memory fine.I think on the tallers ones it might not get in the way.
  6. i have CPU AMD & have both cooler but spire themax E ii better than tuniq in OC 4ghz
    when fullload tuniq 52~55*C & Spire 47~49 it's max
    i OC use cooling Spire Thermax Eclipse II this cooler very very suitable with my CPU .. ha ha ha...
  7. I can't find the spire anywhere.
  8. spire thermax eclipse II :

    amazon :
    Spire TherMax Eclipse II SP984B1-V2 universal CPU Cooler
  9. Can the spire exhaust verticly?Can you turn it?
  10. cannot, but i use 2 fan it's very good
  11. purple stank said:
    Can the spire exhaust verticly?Can you turn it?

    i know ... you can check Ice blade Pro black /white .. it can vertically :D
  12. Whats is called exactly? can't find any ice blade pro...
  13. Best answer
    DeepCool : Ice Blade Pro
    this compare temperature :
  14. I have a ThermalRight Ultra 120 Extreme and 2 Xig Dark Knight mounted vertically in my Antec 900's.
  15. ^5 +1 what jsc

    I forgot all about the ThermalRight Ultra 120. I've got an original Ultra 120 in my spare parts box. I used it a long time ago on AMD systems. When I installed the heatsink for the very first time the fan blew air up toward the top panel.

    The ThermalRight Ultra 120 was one of the original, if not the original, tower style cpu heatsinks. Many developed variations of the original design. Despite the competition the 120 was able to hold it's own. It was one of the top ten heatsinks at Frosty Tech for quite a few years.
  16. Where can i find one?
  17. THankyou all for your help.
    So i'm looking to get the Sythe Mugen 2 Rev.B

    It says it can mount 4 Fans on it,but i'll only need 2.Only problem is they only have 1 set of fan clips.So you can only mount 1 fan without buying more.I'm looking to buy some more retaining clips(fan clips) but i can't find any.And Sythe's webiste is down for matience currently.Could you guys help me out with finding some clips?
  18. nvm i just found them.Scythe's website is back up.Found them right away
  19. I was thinking the same thing,like with a clothes hanger or something.

    But Scthye is selling i for $2.And their are different versions of the clips,have to be sure their compatible with the heatsink.
  20. i wondering about long curve that WFC ..? different version no matter,and sure if you it same as long & curve with original clip
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