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Hey Guys,

I'm trying to decide on which SSD to buy. My choices are Intel's X25 160GB or Crucial's C300 64GB. My work can get me the intel SSD for a decent price, more than the Crucial but I'm thinking I just want to go with the SATA III connection for less money even though I lose 100GB of storage. 64GB would be enough space for me as a systems disk though.

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  1. I just saw the article posted on the front page and while the intel is still only SATA II it seems to outperform the C300...
  2. No the Sandforce 1200 controlled drives are the best at the moment. The Crucial C300 ( only SATA 6 one available right now) the GSkill Phoenix Pro and the OCZ Vertex 2 are the best ones pretty much in order of speed. I would get the GSkill or OCZ at 120GB myself or the Crucial 128GB. With my 120GB model I have Windows 7 Ultimate, Office/programs and all the games I am playing and still have about 25GB free. Anything smaller I would be worried about it filling up.
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