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Hey Folks,

Went to Micro Center today to pickup my heatsink and kinda price shop around. Salesman asks me what kinda mobo I am looking to get and I said the Asus Rampage II Extreme. He says oh sorry we don' t have that and besides if I want to OC that board has had alot of troubles wioth OCing and I should get something else. Is he just bsing me to get a sale or is there something I need to know? Was gonna get the P6T Deluxe V2 then changed my mind and went with the Rampage. Please let me know so I can make a decision here, thank you!

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  1. Put it this way every sales person at Microcenter works on commission.
  2. His advice would mean more if he stocked the board and recommended a less-expensive one instead.

    I don't know the Rampage or whether it has any problems. One thing to do is to search this forum for key words like "Rampage II Overclock" or "Rampage OC" - without the quotes. Same with Google. (Remember, when you search with quotes, it narrows choices to the exact phrase, leaving out close matches.)
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