Hi, i have a gigabyte ga-880gm-ud2h rev1.4 motherboard and bios version f8 and amd phenom IIx2 555 processor with 4gb Ram and ati Hd 5770 graphic card. please help me to unlock the cores. i tried by setting the Firmware to hybrid and ACC to auto but did not succeed. would you please suggest me how to unlock the cores.
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  1. It would appear that your chip is unfortunately one of those that had defective cores, and this is why it was locked to a dualcore
    these are the breaks I'm afraid,
    it may be that a little extra voltage might help stabilise cores, but if you aren't even getting them to show up, I wouldn't try it.
  2. try this setting :
    CPU Unlock needs to be changed to Enabled.

    Exclusive Auto Unlock technology provides hardware-based solution for unleash CPU performance

    Advanced BIOS Features
    CPU Unlock (Note)
    Allows you to determine whether unlock hidden CPU cores. (Default: Disabled)
    CPU core Control
    Allows you to determine whether to manually enable/disable CPU Core 2 and Core 3. Manual allows the two items below to be configurable.
    >>>Auto Lets the BIOS to enable all CPU cores (number of cores available depends on the CPU being used). (Default)
    >>>Manual Allows you to individually enable/disable CPU Core 2 and Core 3.
    CPU core 2 (Note)
    Enables or disables CPU Core 2. (Default: Enabled)
    CPU core 3 (Note)
    Enables or disables CPU Core 3. (Default: Enabled)

    (Note) This item is present only if you install a CPU that supports this feature.
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