Seagate,Samsung or WD?

Which brand is better and more reliable?

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  1. Don't know. Anymore, it is practically random luck of the draw as far as reliability is concerned. The old Seagate 7200.11 series had a nasty firmware problem, but that has reportedly been solved.

    Cost and performance - the Samsung drives have become very popular.

    Me? Because hard drives are such a critical part of the system, I pretty much stick with what has always worked for me, WD. Cost, while important, is not a primary factor.
  2. WD for me, my samsung drive only got 6 months, but as Jsc said.. its random luck

  3. If data loss is no issue - Seagate :lol:
    If price is no issue - WD
    want something reliable with cost in mind - Samsung

    I have a Seagate Barracuda 7200 IDE since 2004 - everything that came after it were very dodgy esp. the Barracuda ES.2's.

    WD's come in 3 categories -
    Caviar Black - High performance
    Caviar Blue - compromise between speed and longivity
    Caviar Green - as the name states are green drives, good for storage, low on power draw

    Samsung drives are divided among their model numbers and Spinpoint Version (i.e - F2, F3, F4)...I'm less experienced with them as i'm using them since a while back...
  4. I think Samsung is the best, overall, choice. Imho. The F3 and F4 EcoGreens are good for storage and receive good reviews. The Spinpoint line is good for an OS drive if you can't get a SSD.

    I would pick a Samsung drive if available. As for other choices, the Seagate 7200.12 is the only Seagate I'd consider for an OS drive and the LP series is a satisfactory choice for a storage drive although a Samsung HDD is my preferred choice for that, too. However, in my area, Samsung drives are only available at newegg AFAIK and cost considerably more than same capacity drives. Therefore, I usually consider other makes even though they're not my first choice.

    I think WD Greens are satisfactory choices based on price if you need a storage drive. I am considering a WD10EARS because of price.

    The thing that I think is ignored is the temperature/power that the drive has and I think going for a lower power/temp drive is preferable, particularly, if it's going to be a storage drive.

    The other drives that I think are good choices are Hitachi. i like Hitachi drives since they don't have all sorts of lines and models. I think they might have revisions or re-designs but usually it's only one or two that are current. Therefore, when you read one has failed or someone is displeased with them, it's because they are mass producing the same model or models and it's probably not very many different models. Naturally, a few bad ones will slip through the cracks.

    I'm not sure about Seagate reliability. They might have improved QC but it still might not be at a level that one needs for hard drive reliability. It's pretty important to have QC when it's your data! I would only consider Seagate based on price and only certain models, maybe between two whether I need an OS drive or storage drive. Whereas, I'm more willing to consider several different models of Samsung drives, for e.g.

    So, based on preference:
    1) Samsung
    2) Hitachi - note: most if not all are 7200rpm speed so more applicable as OS drive choices
    3) WD - Greens for storage, Blues for OS (if price is lowest) and Blacks for OS (although, might run a bit hot/high power)
    4) Seagate - 7200.12 for OS drive and LP series for storage

    I generally compare and consider WD and Seagate drives usually but mostly based on price/cost reasons.
  5. here's a read for all those interested:
    Seagate Barracuda tech -

    The LP is the worst choice to make.

    However, in my area, Samsung drives are only available at newegg AFAIK and cost considerably more than same capacity drives.
    wrong they are the cheaper alternative to Seagate's Barracuda Series and they offer better reliability - its like intel's chip - they cost more but people still buy them cos the clueless buyers rely on brand imaging.

    WD ecogreens are good as storage drives, i agree, but for price point advantage, lower noise, lower power specs and lower heat radiation..the samsungs F3/F4 are superior.

    WD blacks run cooler than any Hitachi HDD.

    Its not just RPM. Platter size, mechanical parts and the reviews that test them out are what need looking through.
  6. I will always go with Western Digital. Green for storage, Black for OS.
  7. ^personal opinion i respect. Wouldn't a VR blow away all the other HDD? +1 for WD :)
  8. My barracuda 7200.10 IDE bought in 2004 is yet with me...Never had an issue with WD's nor Samsung either. Just hated Hitachi's cos of the heat dump.
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