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Hey, just built this PC about 5 days ago. It was my first build. I had a lot trouble getting the HSF (the Xigmatek HDT S1283) in and it got knocked out of place the day after the PC was built. I put it back in place and now it's pretty secure, although I'm not sure if the knobs are twisted all the way as it's pretty difficult to secure the HSF when the fan is attached (and it's even more difficult to take the fan off). Yesterday I decided to check my system temps via SpeedFan and I noticed they seemed a bit high while idling. CPU is not OCed.

Core 0:51C
Core 1:48C
Core 2:50C
Core 3:50C

Under load the CPU temps are in the 60s, and I think Core 0 actually hit 70. For the record, the case is in an enclosed space with not a lot of room for the hot air to escape.

Should I worry about these temps? If so, what should I do to fix it?

I put AS5 on my CPU, although I fear I may have put on too much. Would that affect my temperature? Should I reapply AS5?

I heard that AS5 has a 200 hour curing period, do you think I should wait another couple days to see what happens?

System specs:
Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
GeForce GTX 285
4 gigs DDR2 RAM
LIAN LI PC-7B plus II (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811112099) - equipped with two 120mm fans.

I just wanna be able to enjoy this about this PC without worrying about it crapping out on me, haha.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. I got mine OC'd to 3.6 on a Xigmatek 120mm Rifle Cooler, my temps run in the 60s under load

    Asus P5E X38 Chipset
    8 gigs of Muskin 1066mhz DDR2 RAM
  2. I think the problem is with the HSF so I'm gonna try to reapply the thermal compound tonight. Is 70% rubbing alcohol good enough for removing Arctic Silver 5 or should I get 99%? Also, is it worth sanding the surface of the HSF to even/smooth it out?
  3. the pc needs to vent out the heat. hence the fan for the power supply the fan on the heat sink of the cpu. so make sure that the pc will have plenty of room to breath in air, and to vent it out.

    your temperature are good just do not let them build up.
  4. good case airflow = better temp ...

    Remember that if your in-case temp is 40c, your cooling your CPU with 40c .... idle is going to be HIGHER.

    ANd for the paste, apply a really thin line from the left to the right since C2Q have "both" DUO proc side by side internally.

    something like this


    Its the 3rd time on my Q9550 that i apply this way, and all my other build are using a very lil quantity of paste and its working awesomly. Removing the HSF ( or block) reveil a nice spread all over the CPU.
  5. Hmm, I took the case out of its enclosure and all temperatures (except the GPU) dropped 5-7 degrees. All the cores are still in the 40s, though, so I'm still wondering if reapplying the AS5 and readjusting the HSF will help a little more. Also might buy a fan to put on the top to blow more hot air out. Tomorrow I'm gonna see if I can move any wires out of the way to make the airflow better.
  6. eretula said:
    Tomorrow I'm gonna see if I can move any wires out of the way to make the airflow better.

    I did exactly that with cable ties and other tinkering and wound up with a 2-3C average temperature drop at load with my overclock speed.
  7. Get as much airflow as possible going over your CPU. Moving cables out of the way is a good idea. I 86'd one of my optical drives and knocked out the remaining panels to make room for a big HDD fan, tore out the USB/FIRE WIRE ports on top of my case and stuffed a 60mm fan in there. There are 2 more fans in the front of the case and 2 in back including my PS fan. The suction is so strong my case cover door in front forcibly slams shut! But it isn't noisy at all due to fan controls. All fans are blowing toward the back of the case and its vents. Using Quiet Fan mode I'm able to get the following temperature readings:
    Quad 9550 OC'd to 3.2 ghz: Idle 40C, Load 44-46C.
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