Serious problem with game graphics

For as long as I can remember, my Nvidia NX7900GTX has been making incredibly annoying graphic tears or polygon stretches or whatever you want to call them:

But guess what, those pics are from my brand new ATI hd 4850. It also happened with a 4350. It seems this problem is caused by something else and I have no idea what; I know it's not the processor as I just bought a new dual-core. Google has been no help. Please, can anyone help!!

My case is well cooled.
Motherboard: 775dual-vsta (Quite old)
RAM: DDR2 667 2GB
HDD: 2x 160GB Western Digitals (One of them brand new)

Please let me know if you need anymore info.
Also this is a fresh copy of windows.
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  1. I have always had my settings(driver+game) to the lowest. The only thing that seems to affect the tears is when I minimize or adjust the game in any way ie. change one mundane setting in game. They mostly go away but soon come back.

    I haven't tried memtest though I'm sure RAM isn't the cause.

    Though one thing I should note, the new radeon 4850 has improved my graphic tears significantly from the 7900gtx. But they still exist.

    Also I have not reformatted since switching off the 7900gtx, could it be left over nvidia drivers in the system? Thanks for that speedy reply :)
  2. Is it just in that one game?
  3. It happens in many games.
  4. I had that for about 1 year with my 6600gt, mostly in WoW.

    It sorted itself out 2 weeks before I decided to upgrade. The only different thing I remember doing is installing the mobo drivers from the disc.
  5. Remove any display drivers displayed. Download and install the drivers from ATI (I hate using the drivers on the disk, and have had similar issues). Also download any driver updates for the motherboard. Lastly check the VGA cable (have seen similar issues at work, where replacing the DVI cable fixes the problem).
  6. And another one shooting in the dark!
    I suspect a corrupted install: Either DirectX or motherboard drivers.
    Dowload the motherboard drivers from the Asrock site and reinstall, also, DirectX does not update along with Windows, go to the Microsoft website and update it from there.
  7. I have the same problem. Did you find a solution. In my case I have 2 Radeon 4850s in crossfire.

    It only does it in certain cames. I can play Left 4 Dead, Unreal Tournament 3 Black, etc., but can't play games like Supreme Commander, GRID, Far Cry One or Two.

    I will try the Motherboard drivers and see if that is the issue.
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