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Hey all techxperts!

I'll cut to the chase and get to the point :lol:

I'm upgrading rig 2 in my member configuration - changing storage.

Currently (to work with) I have:
1x320GB Samsung HD322GJ
2x500GB Samsung HD503HI
1x 1.5TB Samsung (its on its way, dunno the model no.)

I want to use the 320GB as an OS boot/game disk. Keeping the 2x500GB green drives on RAID 1 and finally the 1.5TB as a stand-alone drive.

How do i go about this idea while making the RAID array as I'll be doing a clean install of Windows7 x64. I mean what steps should i go through to achieve 2 stand-alone drives and 2 in RAID 1, where the raid drives won't contain OS, just backup.

I hope i haven't spun anyone off...looking forward to your replies.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. OK here is what to do.

    Make sure your RAID Controller is active at a BIOS level.

    During the POST you should see the RAID Controller appear to inform you of what drives its sees and their status. If this is the same controller or type of controller that is currently running your RAID 1 then it will simply see the 500 GB drives and present them as Mirror RAID. Any other HDD should appear as Non RAID or if they are RAID then you can delete any array you want to thus making the drives in question Non RAID. If the controller does not see your existing Mirror RAID then be aware adding them to a new array is a good way to kill data. Once the drives are all allocated correctly in the controller then reboot into BIOS and make the 320 HDD your number one drive in the boot order. When setting up RAID it pays to back up data first. Then install your OS.
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