Asylum GF4 Ti4200 128mb - $80 **i pay shipping

I am selling my Asylum GF4 Ti4200 128m ddr for 80$. It is barely used and works 100% fine. Reason i am selling it is because i have bought a radeon for upcoming Doom3 and HL2. As i said, the card is in tip-top condition and has never been o/c at all. I will include the retail box/driver cd/manuals that came with the card as well. I paid over $150 for this card so this is a great deal.

Email me for any comments/questions @
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  1. I'll trade you some chewed gum and a hoola hoop for it.

    Treat your body like a $600 car. God didn't intend it to last so use it. Run it into the ground!
  2. Can you post enough info (or the direct link yourself) so I could look this card up on the mfg's web site?

    ?! <--- indicates clueless excitement.
  3. <A HREF="" target="_new">BFG Technologies Asylum Ti4200 128MB</A>

    [Overrated. WAY overrated]
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