So, i'm kinda new to all the router stuff and such so, excuse my lack of knowledge :P

So I have a wired internet connection. (Livebox)
And I just got a laptop. Now I want to make my wired connection a wireless one. (Witout changing the livebox)
So I looked a bit around the web and found:

Linksys Wireless-G Access Point


Sitecom Wl Access Point 300N WL-331

Both are about the same price (€70-ish).
But I don't know which one ie better, or maybe both aren't the one I was looking for.
I just want to browse the internet, chat and maybe play a little game now and then.
So. Any ideas which one I should buy?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Probably nothing wrong with Sitecom products but it's a small Dutch company -- hardly compares size-wise with Linksys which is part of Cisco.
  2. So, I guess Linksys is a better option?
    Let me get this straight, All I have to do is get aan AP and plug it in my Sitecom switchport and i'm ready to go?
    So, I shouldn't get a router or something?

    Would be so easy if that's all there's to it :P
  3. The Livebox is the Orange product ? Does it not come with wireless already ?
  4. Yeah, it's the orange product.
    I had the option to include wireless with the livebox when I got it 3 years ago but then I had to pay more money a month so I didn't take it. Wasn't really interested in that at that time anyway.
  5. As I recall this box adds wireless via a PCMCIA slot, but lord knows if it will accept just any wireless adapter.

    Thus I think your notion of adding a wireless access point via ethernet makes some sense.

    I just have a feeling it's cheaper and perhaps simpler to buy a wireless router, if you don't mind setting up the ADSL (WAN) yourself. Shouldn't be too hard if Orange offer help online which includes setup guide for common routers like Netgear, Linksys. Alternative, open the Livebox setup pages and write down all the WAN settings.
  6. Hmm, I don't quite understand you to be honest.
    But I looked at Livebox+Lynksis Routers and there are people who use a Lynksis Router in Siwtch/AP mode.
    So, is that what you mean?
    Orange (they changed it to Online here) won't help you with routers that aren't theirs.
    They say that it's not allowed on their website. Although I think there are enough guides on the internet, so not a big problem there.
  7. PCMCIA slot is evident on the side of one of the Orange routers (sort of tent shaped model !) but you may have a different one.

    One thing you can be sure of, if an ISP tries to lock you to their (sometimes lame) hardware, there's always going to be users breaking out. You'll probably find people using popular router models successfully and willing to show you how.
  8. So, I saw people using routers in AP/Switch mode. (that's what I think you mean)
    I read somewhere that the "router behind router" mode (directly translated hehe) doesn't work on a livebox with a telephone connection or something. So, I guess that won't work.
    Well my laptop (HP elitebook 8530) has the wifi link 5300. It says 802.11 a/b/g/ testversion-n. (don't know if that's relevant... awhh well)
    So, A shop near my house sells the Linksys WRT120N Wireless-N Router.
    And it's cheaper than the Linksys G Access Point.

    So, is the router any good? Do you recommend another one?
    Our house is 3 stories high btw, je wireless network will be used for web browsing, youtube videos (:P), chatting, maybe a game here and there (and a mobile phone, I hope). My gaming stuff will stay wired so.

    Thanks for all the help till now ^^
  9. Best answer
    "So, A shop near my house sells the Linksys WRT120N Wireless-N Router.
    And it's cheaper than the Linksys G Access Point."

    That was my point. I don't use much Linksys stuff but it seems robust (having mistakenly connected a 12 volt supply to a 5 volt Linksys router and had to solder in a replacement component from a broken Linksys wireless bridge).

    For how to use wireless router as access point see this:

    "router behind router mode" requires that you put the first router in bridge mode if it allows that. Probably simpler to use access point or replace the Orange router.

    For wireless to work best in 3 storey house I'd put the wireless router on the middle floor, but that may create ADSL problems as the router needs to be on the primary socket (first phone socket into the house).
  10. So I bought the Linksys WRT 160n.
    I just did as Linksys told me. Normal install. They asked me if I had another router. I said yes. So it installed and everything was fine.
    But my laptop had to reconnect all the time. It was very annoying.

    So I used the Switch/AP methode and now it works fine.
    I had a program "network magics" to see who wanted to connect and stuff to my network. The program doesn't show me that anymore with the switch/AP methode. But it did on the "linksys" methode... So that's a bummer.

    But awhh well, everything is fine now. The connection is very bad outside my house anyway (Brick walls) so, I don't worry that much.

    Thanks for all your help ^^

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