Is the WD caviar black sata 3 "WD1002FAEX "discontinued? why?

Hi all

I searched WD store for the "WD1002FAEX " and didn't find it, it's available at amazon & newegg, why did WD remove it? should i Still go for it?

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  1. It's possible that WD just isn't selling that model right now, in fact it didn't look like they were selling any of the SATA-3 drives. You'd be fine purchasing it from NewEgg.

    You can still go for it, I was just curious as to why you'd get the SATA-3 version, because it won't improve performace of the drive.
  2. I'm running out of choices, seems like samsung spinpoint F3 comes highly recomended, I'd appreciate any recommendations...

  3. And i'm also curious, why won't it improve the overall system performance?
  4. It wouldn't improve performance because hard drives aren't fast enough to even saturate the SATA-2 interface. Only SSD's benefit from SATA-3.
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