Which OS for new GeForce GTX 295

I just rebuilt a computer for gaming...AMD Phenom II x4...8GB RAM...2 1.5TB HDD...2 DVD Multi...2 22" LCD monitors...and the onboard gpu is currently AMD Radeon HD 3200 128MB side port memory (while I waited for newegg to stock some GeForce GTX 295 gpu cards)

I am currently running dual boot ubuntu 64bit (for everything but gaming), and XP 32bit (for gaming only)

I have suffered for the past several days with the integrated gpu (my wife can't even play simple older games like Sims 2 or Civ 4) without major graphics issues

Newegg finally got some GTX 295 cards in stock and I got to order 1 before they ran out of stock again...

My question is...for playing simple older games (like Sims 2, Civ 4, maybe Spore) as well as newer games (Crysis, FarCry2, etc) would I be better off to upgrade to another OS?

if so, which one? (XP 64bit, Vista 32 or 64bit, etc)

thanks for sharing your cumulative genius

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  1. That GTX 295 is soooooo much more than you need at 1680x1050....do you not want to save a little money? go with the 4890 or gtx 275....or gtx 285....you could even go with two 4770's in crossfire.....but a 295 is way more than you need...
  2. Well, since he already got one no point really in debating that. As for the OS, I wouldn't mess with XP 64 bit. Also, Vista doesn't always play nice with older games. If you really plan to mix some old and new, you may just want to stick with XP 32 bit. If you did upgrade, you might as well go for the top (Vista 64). Note also, that the 32 bit OSes will not use even half of your 8 GB of ram. You will have to get a 64 bit OS if you want to actually use it.
  3. orly...his post confused me i figured they ran out of stock again....

    XP 64 bit isn't that bad i haven't had any problems gaming so far...
  4. so if I'm hearing you both right...either stick with XP 32bit if the games don't require a lot of RAM...but if they do, go ahead and go up to Vista 64bit?
  5. I've been using Vista SP1 x64 for the past year or so, and it has worked out alright for me. I've had issues with some older games running or not; but that's usually much older games than Sims2 generation. Check my sig for my current system. I have the RAM, so I like to be able to use it.

    Realize a GTX 295 will eat up around 1.8GB of your memory map. Toss in another 200-500MB for other odd system devices, and you're using up to 2.3GB out of the 4GB that XP 32bit can handle. That will leave XP thinking it only has 1.7GB+ of ram. Granted, XP is much less memory hungry than Vista is in either incarnation; but 1.7GB is approaching the lower rim of what you want these days.

    If you stick with XP 32bit, which yes, is for the most part the best gaming OS, make SURE you disable that integrated Radeon and wipe its drivers from the system. That's yet another 128MB and then some allocated to that little guy too.

    Another consideration: while you will be fully able to dual boot linux and either Vista or XP, XP is much cleaner as far as dual booting goes, historically. If XP is installed first, and then linux, linux inserts itself neatly beneath / in replacement of XP's bootloader. Vista tries to own your system. While it is still possible to dual-boot, Vista is just uglier at it. I have limited experience in that regard though, and am fully unwilling to bother.

    Either way you go, best of luck, hope I was any help at all.

    P.S. - About the RAM issue again, there's a reason most systems ship with 4GB+ of memory today, both laptops and desktops. The issue is one of balance. A system with 1.8GB of video memory on a card that deserves that much will not be equally, happily paired with a system that only has 1.8GB of RAM. This is why people are flocking to Vista x64.

    Sure, XP x64 can be done. If you feel minorly adventurous, go right ahead. You will occasionally run into a program that doesn't work right, or a component that doesn't have a XP64 driver. iTunes, for example, I had to modify the installer using a few programs to get it to install. It still had very flaky iPod support then too. It wasn't exceptionally hard, but it did require patience and careful following of directions.
  6. Go dual boot.... Vista- 64 to maximize your hardware (Be able to use > 4 Gbyte of memory).

    Run XP as you second partition for your OLD games and programs. XP-32 is limited to <4Gbyte of memory.

    I would expect that you will phase out your XP moving forward.

    I use acronis disk-directot/OS-Selector for multi-OS application. I run windows-vista64 ultimate and Linux as my OS.

    The safe way to manage DUAL BOOT is install the second on another drive. You can screw up one and leave the other un-touch. Dual boot for 2 windows is not a major concern. You need to be careful with other OS like Linux. If you are not good at it you may create some undesirable results.

    I have been using Vista-Ultimate 64 since Nov-2007.... Its been very stable. It enabled me to use 8 Gbyte of Memory which i need for my work. I use it for Games, multi-media (HD/Blue Ray movies, HD TV), and work.

    My longest stint without the need for reboot is 43-days.... My pc runs 24x7...

    I hope microsoft gives vista-64 ultimate users free upgrade to Windows-7.
  7. Quote:
    I hope microsoft gives vista-64 ultimate users free upgrade to Windows-7.

    They have already confirmed that this is not going to happen. I personally would wait until windows 7 is publically released if you are going to be using a Windows OS. I have been testing it on my spare PC and it runs every single game I have in my collection from the origional sims to crysis.
    64-bit versions will be available on release so it might be worth holding off for a few months as if you upgrade now you may also want to upgrade when it comes out which is a huge waste of money!
    8GB of RAM is overkill btw.
  8. You have a 8GB of RAM, so I would definitely recommend you updating to Vista 64bit.

    As it is right now Windows XP detects only 3GB of your RAM....
  9. I had downloaded the Windows 7 RC, but never got around to installing it on my old machine...as I only used my windows partition for games, would you recommend temporarily trying the Windows 7 RC for gaming until the final 64bit versions are available?
  10. If you are running it as a partition and not your main OS then yes.
  11. I use Linux for my main OS and windows for gaming only

    right on...I'll do that tonight

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