I have two hard drives, one with XP and the other with Kubuntu. I can see the Ku

Both drives are healthy.
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  1. Please state the problem in clear terms.
  2. Sure, hope tom's hdwr does not cut off the important half of my 'problem'
    I can see the kubuntu drive BUT no files inside. I assume this is because my windows os which I boot with does not read the linux.
  3. correct. Ubuntu, kubuntu and other Linux distros format their partitions/drives in Ext3. Win does not read that type, in Drive manager that partition/drive will show up as unknown type. On the other hand, linux can read NTFS, which is what Windows uses (that, or FAT). So, from kubuntu, you should be able to see the "Windows" drive.
    There is no problem with the drives, it's just the way they are formatted.
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